Trees are gone Uludag ropeway project is finished

Trees are gone Uludağ ropeway project is over: Bursa The project, which was initiated by the municipality as the longest ropeway in the world, was stopped by the court decision after the 5 bin of the 3 bin tree was cut.

When the construction of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was completed with the build-operate model, and the 8 bin 874 meter length will be the longest line in the world, the ropeway project, the judiciary was installed. Within the project scope with Xalanx 2. Bursa 2 on the application of Bursa Bar Association and DOĞADER, which has been activated as a result of cutting many trees between the Development Zone. The Administrative Court stopped the execution of the project.

Mr. Murat Demir, the president of DOĞADER, said that they had estimated that the 3 thousand trees had been cut in the region so far. Iron, şt We heard that the 4 thousand trees will be cut. So far, we have seen that 5 has been interrupted in 3. We have communicated the court's decision to the employees here. Mahkeme Bursa Bar Association President Ekrem Demiröz said that the cable cars would be planted with helicopters and that fewer trees would be cut. However, he said, Bursa This project has been abandoned. Because the area is quite windy. We carried out a joint study as Bursa Bar Association and DOĞADER. Some attempts have been made to prevent the pre-trial massacre of trees. As a result of the lawsuit filed against this project will result in non-compensation was decided to stop execution, da he said.

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