Mavişehir İZBAN Station Korkutan Çatlak

📩 30/11/2018 17:13

The Frightening Crack at Mavişehir İZBAN Station: The danger of collapse and the cracks in the Mavişehir İZBAN Station scare citizens. The fact that the station, which was built for the loaded amount, reached this situation in a short time brought the reactions.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the new transportation system, which enables those using public transportation to turn to the rail system, as of Sunday, June 29. While it is aimed to use the rail system more by reducing the number of buses in the city center and main arteries, the collapses and cracks in Mavişehir İZBAN Station, which is built by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, used by thousands of people every day, created fear. The breaks at the Mavişehir Station of İZBAN, where 220 thousand passengers are transported every day, caused people to panic.

It was stated that the collapse of the stairs and the sagging of the concrete may have occurred due to manufacturing errors in the station. Sebahattin Eriş, General Manager of İZBAN, said, “He conducted a study at İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mavişehir Station. Their causes are being investigated. The necessary action will be taken, ”he said. With the new transportation system, the number of people using İZBAN has increased. Those who see the Mavişehir İZBAN Station, built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, where thousands of people pass by every day, are very surprised. Cracks and collapses inside and outside the station, where danger signals start to sound, cause anxiety for the residents of İzmir. As the station's collapse increases day by day, it is feared that it will collapse in a moderate earthquake. While the cracks in the wall at the entrance of the station draw attention, the cracks in the walls inside the station are also visible. The collapses on the floor of the area waiting for the passengers also invite disaster. Citizens urging Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to take action said, “This station may collapse in a moderate earthquake. Who will account for the loss of life and injuries then? The walls have been cracked like this for months. Doesn't any official see these walls and floor collapses? " said. Stating that if the same crash occurs on the rails, a great disaster may occur, residents of the neighborhood said, “If there is a collapse in the rails, it may be a disaster while the train passes. This station needs to be examined. These collapses and cracks occur due to manufacturing errors in the station. The station should be strengthened. Thousands of people use İZBAN every day. We are calling Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to duty ”.


İZBAN General Manager Sebahattin Eriş made a statement on the subject, said, “The construction of Mavişehir İZBAN station was carried out by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. For this, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality studied and analyzed the area. The review is complete. He will take the necessary measures. Their causes are being investigated. He will take a measure according to him. There is no problem with the train tracks. There is a problem with the station. It may be caused by a manufacturing error, ”he said.

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