Death Made an Action for Overpassing

Death to the overhanging road to the action made an overpass: Sultanhani residents, about 4 days ago, died in a traffic accident for the 12-year-old Hatice closed the traffic for the road.
Approximately 50 people gathered in front of Sultanhanı Caravanserai after Hatice Sarıgül (4) died in the traffic accident at the 12th kilometer of Aksaray-Konya highway about 500 days ago. Citizens later shouted the slogan 'Don't let Little Haticers die' and closed the highway where the little girl died, to bilateral traffic. The people in the group, who had a short discussion with the gendarmerie teams coming to the scene, only gave way to the patients and the ambulances.
The place where the protest was carried out was about 200 meters away, and the vehicles were directed to different parties. Car drivers and citizens also experienced a short-term brawl. Traffic light, pedestrian crossing, citizens wanting the upper and lower passage, the authorities said they will continue to shut down the highway.
Ömer Boğa, the grandfather of Hatice, who lost his life, asked the journalists to make the roads in Sultanhanı town as soon as possible. Stating that the grandson died at the place where they protested, Boğa said, “My granddaughter waited for an ambulance for 45 minutes here. There are no Muslims here. Look at these ways. Neither our president nor anyone else owns us. Here, the children of every citizen are dead. We want roads built here. ” said.
Veli Şanlı, one of the citizens, stated that their aim is never to make people victim by closing roads and said, “There is always a traffic accident here. One of our last nephews died. It's a pity. The man comes, hits with 200. Let's open the traffic, see you too. The minimum speed here is 150. ” spoke in the form.
Stating that Sultanhanı town has 15 thousand populations, Şanlı said, “It is a more developed place than normal provinces. Why hasn't a lamp been made here for years? When the jobs of politicians fall, Sultanhanı town is beautiful. We do not want to make a disgrace. We just want traffic lights to be made. We want underpasses and overpasses. We don't want anything else. ” used expressions.
4-year-old Hatice Sarıgül, who was trying to cross her bike on the Aksaray-Konya highway about 12 days ago, was hit by a car. The girl died at the Aksaray State Hospital, where she was removed.

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