Traditional football tournament in Ankara Metro

Ankara Subway Traditional Football Tournament: This year's championship of the N 10 Traditional Spring Football Tournament X where the 2014 team competed among the Ankara Metro units was the Cleaning Chief.

After the exciting matches between 5 separate groups of 2 teams on the grass field belonging to the Metro Management, the second place was the Security Directorate, and the third was the Financial and Administrative Affairs Directorate. kazanwas.

Encountered in the matches of professionals, the competition between subway units and competition, as well as a fun football match was a surprise result. The championship of the last two tournaments, the Security Directorate, this time in the final cleaning championship, losing the second place.


34 team consisting of employees of Chinese company CSR and signaling company Italian Ansaldo STS, which are used in 10 stations, Operation Maintenance Center, Cable Car and newly opened subways from three subway stations in Ankara, competed against 28 in a separate competition. Total 214 goals meet the net; It has provided both entertaining and competitive moments to players who are both overtime and workmates. Sefa Yilmaz from the Cleaning Authority in the tournament where beautiful goals were scored 14 goal scorer.

In the finals organized after the group matches, the Cleaning Authority won the championship by defeating the Security Directorate 3-2, while the Financial and Administrative Affairs Directorate defeating the Vehicle Maintenance Department 3-2 received the 3 cup.

Abdullah Emirosmanoğlu, who suffered a serious injury from his knee in the defense, was given the plaque of the most gentleman from time to time.

CSR team participating in the tournament, the Chinese subway car manufacturer CSR ZELC company working with the Italian signaling company Ansalto STS Italian and French employees who added color to the tournament championship trophy Ankara Metro Chief Manager Rahmi Akdogan gave.

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