Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Flights Start Week

Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Flights Start Weekly: Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Flights Finally Start the Week. When he was saying when Istanbul Ankara high speed train will open, the statement came from the Prime Minister. Speaking in Sakarya, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "I hope we will put the Ankara Istanbul high-speed train into service next week."

Prime Minister Erdogan, speaking at the rally in Sakarya, Turkey said that all the projects would be the high-speed train between Ankara and Istanbul. Stating that it will be put into service next week, Prime Minister Erdogan said, “They tried many sabotage. There are many traitors. But we will finish this work next week. We will definitely make the opening on 25 July. We promised you. We will raise this country in 81 provinces in the fields of education and health ”.

"You know that you will see a president lying if I may be President in Cankaya," said Prime Minister Erdogan, "an elected president will give a president elected cabinet, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, and we blew our Turkey. My request from you is to go door to door in the remaining time and convey what you hear to those who do not hear. Like the CHP general manager, I am not saying 'you will go to the ballot box exactly'. Use this democratic right in the best way possible. He could not take his voters to the ballot box in the 30 March elections. Now he says, "You will go completely." We use a sincere and respectful language to our nation and we love you only for Allah ”.



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