Özfatura: We became dependent on foreign

Özfatura: We have become dependent on the outside of the railway. Former Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Burhan Özfatura suggested that the AK Party government used the expression 'national' in abundance, but all of them were empty. Turkey's name to Özfutar said that those who become dependent on foreign national project, also criticized the dismissal of Defense Industry Undersecretary Murat Bayar. Claiming that one of the successful, hardworking, well-intentioned, knowledgeable bureaucrats has been slaughtered, Özfatura said, “Whose interest has it prevented? As far as I know, he was someone who made serious efforts to increase his domestic share, especially in the Defense Industry, but it was of course difficult to succeed since the current government did not have such a goal. ” said.

Reminding that the Izmir National Train Station 'National High Speed ​​Train - National Pride' banner was hung, Özfatura said, “There will be a lifetime that will be a national disappointment project.” used expressions. He argued that the projects such as Özfatura national tanks, helicopters, ships, infantry rifles were national but were dependent on foreign projects. Burhan said the new train project is the National Özfatur to, "according to a statement made in 2003 with the Marmaray and high-speed train project, Turkey would be rail vehicles production base. Fast trains, a new generation of subway, light rail vehicles will be produced in Turkey will provide employment, investment in modern rail systems and technologies will be drawn to our country, over 50 per cent local content would be removed. For this purpose, on 30 January 2004, announcements were made to companies such as Rotem, Siemens, Bombardier. Consequently, in order to produce common rail system means the company was established in Turkey with a South Korean company. The company in question did not establish a decent production facility and did not transfer any technology. It did not generate significant employment, the rate of residence was left at a very low level. Partial assembly of rail system vehicles imported from Korea was made using TCDD's infrastructure and production facilities. With a funny capital of 6 million TL, approximately 1 billion rail vehicles were sold to our country over 700 billion dollars. All the big claims came out of fos. ” said.

In Turkey as rail car production to begin long before South Korea, the first steam locomotive which Karakurt, in 1960, the first wagons attention made in 1962 Özfatur, production possible, he said in 1965 after the start in Korea. In 1967 the first diesel locomotives in our country, the first electric locomotive was produced in 1975, although production in Korea, providing the information that started in 1979 Özfatur the first rail vehicle exports, long before Korea (in 1971, Bangladesh 77 wagons) Turkey ' He said what he did. Özfatur said, "It seems that 40 years ago we were very preliminary, but especially in Korea over the past 15 years, R & D and for giving importance to design studies from the USA to Canada is exported all over the world, from Turkey to Brazil came to the situation. We counted and slept in our place. We did not invest in our institutions such as Tülomsaş, Tüvesaş, Tüdemsaş. We did not create technical staff. As a result, we became foreign-dependent, importing most of their needs. While a single Korean company sold over 700 locomotives to us, the production of our companies has not even reached half of that in the past 10 years. ” spoke in the form.

adequate industrial infrastructure to produce rail vehicle in Turkey, and pointed out that the experience of the human resources available Özfatur said, "Let us refer to those who know the job enough. Let's stop favoring the followers. Let's really protect national interests. ” made a call. Expressing that a Turkish company, which is much more limited than TCDD, produces trams in Bursa and makes it much cheaper than foreign companies, Özfatura has now won the tender of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and has saved 70 million euros in foreign currency. He said that he provided jobs for the Turkish boy. Özfatura, who argues that the painting is very sad and disgraceful, said, "I am afraid, the congregation should not be shown as responsible." said.



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