Allison Transmission will introduce FuelSense package to Europe at Busworld Turkey

The Allison Transmission will introduce the FuelSense package to Europe at Busworld Turkey: the latest fuel-saving technology packages for heavy-duty applications, including public transport and waste management, offer the most fuel-efficient and performance in all fleets.
Allison Gearbox, the newest fuel-saving technology package, the FuelSense® product will be launched in Europe, 24-27 will be held in Busworld Turkey between April and 5-9 in May. Will be announced at IFAT.
FuelSense, Allison's advanced 5. The generation is characterized by a comprehensive package of fuel-saving strategies that maximizes the advantages of intelligent controls and innovative fully automatic transmission structure. With detailed analysis of each field of application, Allison engineers can easily integrate the newest fuel-saving technologies and offer options that can save up to% 20.
Manlio Alvaro, Allison Transmission Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) Marketing Manager FuelSense said in a statement about; Iş Allison fully automatic transmissions have proven to be perfectly complementary to natural gas engines, while providing high efficiency thanks to its technology. The FuelSense package brings this efficiency to a whole new dimension with fuel-saving technology, which provides a measurable reduction in fuel consumption without compromising on performance. Fuel
Operators seeking to lower their costs know that fuel saving is a critical factor in fleet cost management and environmental solutions. High performance advantages and fuel efficiency without compromise from Allison's Uninterruptible Power Technology ™; It offers the advantages of adapting the gear changes automatically to the torque values, maximizing the transmission efficiency based on parameters such as load, class and application area.
Features of the FuelSense package:
5. Generation of intelligent controls, acceleration management and precision slope meter
· EcoCal gear shifting technology that keeps the engine speed at the most effective level
· Dynamic Shifting that automatically detects gear change at low engine speed
· To reduce fuel consumption and reduce emissions during stopping
Automatic Shutdown Alma option
Allison Şanzıman Turkey and Middle East Regional Director Taner expenses: "Operators have seen the rise of fuel prices consistently over the last decade but fuels Sense offers a previously unseen in European solution with regard to the reduction of fuel costs," he says.
Turkey as well as all over the world every day is showing high growth in demand for safe and comfortable public transport models. For this reason, Allison has chosen Istanbul as one of the fastest growing cities in the world, as it is a trade center and a crossing point for the introduction of the newest fuel-saving packages in Europe.
The new FuelSense packages will be available with Allison 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 and Torqmatic ™ series transmissions. Participants of Busworld Turkey Fair 1. They will learn more about FuelSense by visiting the Allison transmissions booth at the E42. The Allison fully automatic option is available in local Turkish bus manufacturers' portfolio, such as Temsa Global, Otokar, Anadolu Isuzu and TCV.

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