Comparison of the maintenance and cost of ballast and non-ballast superstructures in urban rail systems

Comparison of the maintenance and cost of ballast and non-ballast superstructures in urban rail systems: The benefits of non-ballast superstructure especially in the art-structured areas are explained in both high speed and urban rail systems. In the urban rail systems, in the tunnels and viaducts, with the application of non-ballast superstructure, the rails can be laid directly on the concrete floor of the tunnel or viaduct with or without traverse. Ballast laying, compression with large bending machines, ballast reinforcement, ballast cleaning, permanent maintenance and repair jobs are eliminated.

Moreover, it is clear that the maintenance of such maintenance works under the existing traffic in cities is both power and costly, disrupting traffic. In the continuation of the study, the numerical values ​​obtained by comparison between ballast and ballastless superstructure alternatives in Yenibosna-Airport line, which is an extension of Aksaray-Yenibosna light metro line, are examined and it is revealed that the superstructure without ballast is more economical. Although the superstructure with ballast is more economical in terms of first cost in a line consisting of large amount of viaducts and tunnels, it is seen that when the total cost is calculated, the superstructure without ballast is economical. In this comparison, only the construction and maintenance costs of the superstructure were taken into account.

In the case of comprehensive cost analysis, considering the costs of operating (continuity, high speed, comfort), environment (noise, vibration, dust) and art structures (viaducts, bridges and tunnels), what are the structures of artifacts such as tunnel, bridge, viaduct without the ballast degree of economic is determined as multi-faceted. In general, in terms of comfort and continuity in the operation of the superstructure without ballast is more appropriate.

Const. Load. Eng. Veysel Arlı Line and Stationary Facilities Manager İstanbul Transportation A.Ş.

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