Accident at Metrobus stop (Photo Gallery)

Metrobus stop at the accident that scared: Sisli Perpa stopped out of the station while multiplying the metrobüs, out of control by exploding the barriers hit the tires. In the accident, the BRT window was broken, while 2 passengers were injured.
The accident occurred at the Perpa stop in the 08.45 ranks. According to information received, Avcılar Mecidiyeköy direction of the progress of the metrobus, Perpa hit the peroe of the tower. Metrobus exploding tires, out of control E-5 Highway side barriers could stop multiplying.
In the accident, all of the BRT bricks were broken, while 2 passengers were injured. A young girl injured in the leg during the accident lay on the floor for a long time. Citizens descending to the aid of the young girl ran.
Due to the accident metrobus voyages also disrupted. While the Mecidiyeköy direction was closed, the metrobus flights were controlled by the other lane.
Called after the accident, the ambulance reached the scene of the BRT. The wounded teen lying on the ground was taken to the hospital with ambulance.
During the accident, it was seen that all the windows of the BRT were broken. After the accident, cleaning work started on the road of metrobus.




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