Disabled Citizen on the Metrobus Station in the garden

Disabled Citizens at the Metrobus Station in the garden, disabled people did not get to the elevator: Bahçelievler Metrobus stop a citizens with crutches, people with crutches did not give the space. 8 disabled people with disabilities in the handicapped 10 citizens were stranded due to failure.
8 people at the metrobus stop at the Bahçelievler Metrobus disabled 10 people ride on the citizens caused malfunction. Citizens stranded in the elevator rescued with the help of the fire brigade, while an elderly woman was ill. As if nothing had happened after the incident, the disabled citizens continued to use the disabled elevator and they did not include a disabled citizen with a crutch.
Residents of 8 10 disabled people in the metrobus stop at the Bahçelievler Metrobus stop the elevator. Citizens were stranded in the elevator, and those in the vicinity immediately reported the situation to the security guards. Firefighters were dispatched to the scene. The fire brigade stranded about half an hour from the elevator rescued citizens. An elderly citizen in the elevator fainted with fear. The fire brigade ran again to help the old woman. Firefighters washing the woman's face waited for her to come to him for a long time.

📩 09/12/2018 16:20

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