Metrobus comes to cycling

Metrobus cycling: Good news for bicycle users of Istanbul: Metrobüs allowed to travel by bicycle extended hours. New rules were set for the bicycle transportation in metrobuses.
Another step was taken in Istanbul on bicycles. According to a statement from the Facebook page of the Bike Transport Platform, the bikes in the BRT have been extended only before the night 00: 00-05: 00. It will now be able to ride on the bike outside the busy hours (10: 00-16: 00 and 16.00-22: 00 at night) to the Metrobus without removing the tires. However, an additional ticket will be printed for the bicycle in the metrobuses. The Bike Transportation Platform is also preparing to organize action for the right to travel without a ticket.
The Northern Forest Defense shared the impressions of the Cycling Platform with the new application. Here's what you need to know when traveling by bike with step-by-step metrobus:
"1. The A4 papers describing the details of the new application are included in the information boards at all BRT stops and / or other visible sections.
2. The authorities at the main stops, such as Söğütlüçeşme, Zincirlikuyu, are aware of this new application and help you.
3. Some of the security guards at the interim stops are unaware of the situation. It may be necessary to search the supervisor or show the paper hanging on the information panel. However, this is a temporary situation, because the application is very new, some officials are likely to be aware of the situation late.
4. The first stops of the lines are Söğütlüçeşme, Zincirlikuyu, Avcılar, Tüyap and (for 34A + 34C) CevizliIt is not a problem to ride and descend to the Metrobus by bike in the vineyard.
5. Our recommendation is to access the 2 door directly, as the gap in the 2 door is much wider than the 3 door.
6. However, in the intermediate stops outside the main pauses, getting in and out by bicycle can be a challenge.
7. It may be necessary to wait for a few metrobus to coincide with the metrobus where the 2 door is relatively less crowded to ride through the intermediate stands. If you are close to one of the 5 main stops above (or the first stop just after the main stops), we strongly recommend that you go to that stop first.
8. From the previous stop, you need to ask for permission from everyone in the front of the door and go to the appropriate position until you reach the stop. If you're late to do so, you're more likely to stop at the stop. As you know, people usually prefer to wait in front of the door, even if the bellows section or intermediate sections are empty. If this is the case, do not hesitate to ask people to move to the spaces to make room for yourself and your bike.
9. People who see bicycles in the metrobus during the day are surprised at first, but they do not react negatively. They even help you if you can not settle well on the glass edge in the door section of 2. At least understanding people came across us today. However, we recommend that you wear a reflective vest while getting on the metrobus, because sohbet someone I called said he thought I was on duty the first time he saw me. Maybe you can make it easier to make room for you in the metrobus.
If you have a folding bike, you can always ride all public transport including BRT without additional charge. Since the folded bicycle is treated as a 'suitcase', there is no additional charge.




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