Kestel Bridge Interchange Opened to Traffic with a Ceremony

📩 14/05/2021 01:12

Another important knot in traffic was solved with the Kestel Junction, which was built by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to allow the rail system transit as well as the transit pass on the Ankara-İzmir state highway. Metropolitan Municipality, which gave a breath to road transportation with approximately 540 kilometers of new road and road expansion works in a period, opened the Kestel intersection with a ceremony after Gürsu, Emek, Özlüce-Alaattinbey and Esenevler.

Every year in order to be accessible in every area of ​​Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which allocates close to 70 of the investment budget to transportation projects every year, removes transportation problems with rail system projects as well as sea and air transportation, and opens the blocked network of road network with intersection projects. To date, the Metropolitan Municipality of Gürsu, Emek, Özlüce-Alaattinbey and Esenevler intersections have been opened and the last node on the Ankara-İzmir highway has been solved by Kestel Junction. Kestel Junction, which was built to enable transit of rail system within the scope of Bursaray Kestel line, was given by Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, Governor of Bursa Mühir Karaloğlu, Mayor of Bursa Recep Altepe, Bursa deputies Canan Candemir Çelik, Bedrettin Yıldırım, İsmet Water, Önder Matlı and Mustafa Kemal Şerbetçioğlu, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar, Yıldırım Mayor Özgen Keskin, Kestel Mayor Yener Acar, AK Party Provincial Chairman Cemalettin Torun and many guests attended the traffic.

A well established solution

Metropolitan Municipality of 190 a kilometer road in a period of the new road and road expansion work of reminding 512 reminding the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, especially in Ankara - Izmir road junction removed by the signaling system disappeared, so that traffic flowing without interruption, he said. Reminding that a total of 657 meters of Kestel junction was designed in accordance with the rail system transition, Mayor Altepe said, hatırlat While the uninterrupted passage of rail and wheeled vehicles was provided under the crossroads, the entrances to the Organized Industrial Zones in Gürsu and Kestel districts were secured. With this intersection, our drivers who will transit to Bursa will be able to continue on their way from the east to the west without any signaling. The crossroads of Bursa and our roads, as well as all the drivers who use the transit to get better.

”We are showing Bursa sevdam with performance“

In the entrance of Bursa from Ankara, both traffic safety and aesthetics have been given to the project, which expressed that they spend approximately £ X million TL Altepe President, Bursa, emphasizing the lovers of the show they are not. Expressing that they are on duty in the service cadres and that they are in the effort to bring the most beautiful to Bursa, Mayor Altepe said, her The important thing is not to leave the works, but to leave beautiful works. The person who works in the ayinesi cannot be looked after. We're talking about our work. This project is also involved in the preparation of Bursa's Main Transportation Plan 26 in the world who made the planning of the capital. If we are working with the Brenner company, we are scanning the world for all our projects, from market arrangements to the stadium, from the Science Technology Center to the Town Hall. The best of all, the most beautiful will be in Bursa, Her he said.

We reach our goals

President Altepe noted that they set targets for Bursa as they took office and stepped forward to these targets, and continued his speech as follows: d We said Bursa will be a tourism center. From the congress center to thermal investments, from Uludağ to the historical cultural heritage, we have carried out important works in all areas. In response to the 8 restoration work carried out in the metropolitan history, we touched hundreds of points and revived our historical artifacts. In line with our goal of sports, we opened our 115 facility in Kestel recently. To date, we will have completed the 19 facility at a time against the 125 facility. In line with our transportation target, we made 190 kilometer road work. We said that the rail system will be in the east of the city, and we are launching trial flights on the Kestel route soon. We have installed a 540 kilometer rail against the 22 mileage made so far. Bugün

Söz We account for every word we say ”

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc also required by the central government in Bursa and Turkey have given examples of their work in general. Arinc pointed out, the government can tell when they do come to the podium for hours, "Turkey's 11 years before we can tell how far came hours. It's both great pleasure and duty for us. We have a lot to do and there is so much to tell. Our Mayor 5 has collected what they have done during the year. Kestel mayor 2 can explain what he was doing in the period. Praise be to Allah. We're like that. Your work is your mirror. The folks will see what you do. If you don't, he will. There is a lot to do, there is a lot to do. 2 can spend hours of hours talking about the word ler 3 ler because they cannot say what they are doing and what to do. Another can dream. What we do is the guarantee of what we do. We give every account we say, we continue to give. We're not looking for dreams. We're talking about what we do. The president says '26 million spent on this place'. There is a Metropolitan Municipality that works day and night.

Their goal is up to their size

Arinc said that it wasn't enough for Bursa to do so, 100 stressed that the dream of the year came to Bursa, and that a person who came out of Ankara would be in 2 hours 15 minutes in Bursa. Arinc stressed that he saw the products in place and said, kendi Their goal is as big as Uludağ as their own size, as much as our horizon. Tunnels opened for the highway saw the light yesterday. 7 billions of dollars in the project we are tender 4 mile vine blind. At the end of the land, a bridge over the sea is being built, or under the sea 60 meter Marmaray'la combine two continents. When you open your mouth to the ears of those who do not say anything other than insults, I say. Even during the period of past governments, local administrations could not even do the central administrations. Governments would say 'we can't make money'. He waited on the doors for credit. The Prime Minister, who went to ask for debt, would give the good news that he found 1 million dollars in credit. 1 knocked the door to 40 for billions of dollars. We provide 390 million TL budget for only one region of the High Speed ​​Train Project. We'll add 60 even more. As AK Party, we are like Sultan Fatih. We realize what others cannot imagine. Praise. Open the junction, get better, accident-free days without pass, "he said.

Governor of Bursa Mühir Karaloğlu also celebrated everyone, including Recep Altepe, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, who made efforts in the construction of the Organized Industrial Zones and the entrance of the Kestel district and the citizens of the region, which will facilitate the transportation of the people and improve the quality of life of the people of the region.

Kestel Mayor Yener Acar laid the foundation of Kestel Junction and reminded that Recep Altepe, the Mayor of Kestel, had promised that he would be in the west about what is going on in the west. noted that it will become.

Following the speeches, the Kestel Junction was opened to traffic by the members of the protocol.

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