Ava and Marmara Island flights begin with İDO's Spring Tariff

Ava and Marmara Island flights begin with İDO's Spring Tariff: İDO reorganizes its flights with the esi Spring Tariff Ad, Avsa and Marmara Island flights begin
IDO has reorganized many flights due to the prolongation of days and passenger density. In the new regulation made by IDO, the number of voyages increased on the lines where the density increased, while the number of voyages decreased on the lines where the density decreased due to the changes in the Istanbul transportation network. Launches of İDO, Avşa and Marmara Island from 18.
In the Spring Schedule, which will be valid between 1 April 2014 and 15 June 2014 of IDO, the number of voyages has been rearranged in parallel with seasonal effects, prolongation of days and change of density in urban lines.
Bostancı- on weekdays on domestic flightsKabataş While the trips were 18 before, this number was increased to 20 in the spring schedule. Bostancı- also made on weekdaysKadıköyWhile the number of Yenikapı-Bakırköy flights was 39 before, the number of intermediate departures was combined and this number was reduced to 36. No changes were made to the line, even on weekends and holidays.
Due to the large decrease in the number of passengers using sea transportation and the increase in costs due to metrobus, it was decided to make this time only on Mondays with the change of Bostancı flights from Bostancı and Avcılar.
Avşa and Marmara Island flights start with the spring
Istanbul (Yenikapı) - Marmara Island - Avşa flights, which will start on Friday, April 18, 2014, were also included in the Spring Schedule of İDO.
Marmara-Avsa Island sea bus services, which are annexed to the arrival of spring and those who want to evaluate the summer holiday and weekend holidays, will be taking off from Istanbul Bostancı at 18: 30 on Friday and 19: 05 at Yenikapı and 21: 40. ta Marmara Island, 22: 10 will arrive at Avsa Island.
On Sundays, the sea buses, which will be moving from Avsa Island at 16: 00, will stop at Marmara Island in order to get their passengers at 16: 30 and then at 19: 05 to Yenikapı, 19: 35 at Bostancı. It will reach.
International regulations
Changes were made in the Spring Schedule of İDO, depending on the intensity of other international flights. While the number of trips on the Pendik-Yalova line was increased from 24 to 26, the last departure time, which was 21:30 in the winter schedule, was determined as 1:2014 for the dates of 15 May 2014 - 22 June 45.
While the number of flights in Bostancı-Yenikapı-Bandırma sea bus line remained the same, hours were updated. Accordingly, before 18: 00 Bostancı departure, 18: 30 Yenikapı arrival time, Bostancı departure 18: 30, Yenikapı was updated to 19: 00.
In Spring Schedule Kadıköy- The number of trips on the Yenikapı / Bursa line has also been increased. In addition, between April 14 and June 15, it was decided to start Yenikapı-Yalova 21:30 departure and Yalova-Yenikapı 21:45 return flights on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


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