Transformer detonator Şentepe-Yenimahalle cable car line continues full throttle

Transformer detonator Şentepe-Yenimahalle ropeway line continues full throttle: Ankara Yenimahalle - Şentepe cable car line, the transformer led to the explosion. The explosion resulted in a fire in four houses.

Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car line, which was built by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, despite all the objections of Yenimahailies and experts, caused an explosion in the transformer. As a result of the explosion caused by the work done for the cable car in four houses in the fire broke out in a large number of household electrical devices. The municipality did not comment on the issue.

According to the news in the Universal, the residents of the neighborhood have a hard time due to the explosion that took place the previous evening. The explosions occurred around the explosion of the neighborhoods of the neighborhood due to electricity for electricity and commuting for some time, the day of the incident in the electrical devices in the house exploded, fire in some houses, many houses were damaged, the residents of the neighborhood were injured, said the power failure continued. The residents also reacted to the continuation of the test drive of the cable car line.


Yenimahalle Yunus Emre Forum which is among the neighborhoods gathered together with the explosion of the transformer SözcüAhmet Light, especially due to the incident Yunus Emre junction, Aras street, Taner Street and Özen Street was affected. Light, Yunus Emre square cable to the cable car was installed in the places, why they do not know the exact cause of the explosion occurred in the transformer, an explosion occurred in electrical appliances in homes due to the explosion, some households said that fire burning due to electrical devices.

The light stated that the neighborhoods had filled out the damage assessment forms and applied for the removal of their damage.


Için I thought our house was burning, I was too old to be old. I only had a TV in my house, and I got nothing left. We've been going on our electricity for a week, and now it's been. We are victims. Mağ

Barbaros Taşkın said, Barbar All of the people burned the electric device. Our lives are in danger. Ede Seda Akyildiz said, “We are waiting for Melih Gokcek here, we can see our state. Gör That's how it is. We have no rest, h he said.


Cihan Aras, one of the youths of the neighborhood, stated that he was in charge of his computer when the explosion was over. Three devices in our house burned. People still have no electricity in their buildings, but the cable car is still working. İnsanlar Burak Sönmez, traf Metropolitan Municipality scoops working in the transformer caused the transformer explosion. What came to us came from this ropeway. The houses they built, the items they bought, and even themselves, were hurt by people. Nobody has the right to do this. Kim

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