Intense interest in Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car line (Photo Gallery)

Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car line intensive interest: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, one of the important projects brought to the capital Yenimahalle Şentepe ropeway line began service.

Following the completion of the test run for approximately 3 months for security control purposes, the people of the surrounding area had the excitement of traveling with the cable car after the Şentepe cable car line was opened. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek opened with the participation of Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car line in the capital city was very pleased sitting.

Starting from Yenimahalle Metro Station and going to Şentepe Antenna region, first time passengers who use the cable car line for the first time, although they were uneasy at the first sight of Ankara with the view of the 'enjoyment' voiced by saying, ine Ankara before the traffic to the subway to reach the metro. We thank our president Melih Gökçek thousands of times for this. Bun

The Metropolitan Municipality, which provides free use of the cable car, transfers from Şentepe to Yenimahalle Metro Station and provides fast and comfortable travel to other parts of the city.

Expressing satisfaction with the opening of the Yenimahalle Şentepe ropeway, Şentepelliler thanked the President Gökçek for bringing his service to his feet. Şentepeli that record is a great privilege for themselves of a cable car line first entered service in Turkey transportation purposes voiced their thoughts on the subject as follows:

Et Ahmet Yıldırım (Retired): For the first time we ride, we wanted to try such a service made us very happy. Hopefully, a ropeway is built all over Ankara. If you used to have a car, you had nothing better than you could go anywhere you want. But if you don't have a car, you're miserable on the road. Now in Ankara, both buses, metros and cable cars can easily go anywhere we want retirees, seniors can go free. Before the ropeway was installed, we were waiting for the dolmuş. Now I can get out of the house and go to where I want in 10 minutes. Melih Gökçek'dan may Allah's pleasure for a period even if such beauty continues.

Orhan Yildiz (Employer): I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for their work. Previously, I went by car to Şentepe 1-2. Now we do not enter the traffic without taking the risk of our car pulled to the station and fun going to Şentepe.

Şaziye Yildirim (Housewife): I had to walk in the 20 minute to ride the dolmuşa place, but now in the 8 minutes to walk to the cable car and ride to the cable car immediately Yenimahalle. I travel by following the Ankara view. Let me see where else I can see this view. I'm so happy. Many thanks to those who brought this service to us.

Ayse Cakmak (Retired): I am very pleased that the Yenimahalle Şentepe ropeway line was opened. It came as short as 5 minutes to us as if we were between Yenimahalle and Şentepe. I was comfortable and I also traveled in Ankara. We would have been miserable before we would take our way 20-25 minutes. Now I came to Yenimahalle from Şentepe as soon as possible. Thank you very much, God bless Melih Gökçek'ten.

Duru Yıldız (student): The cable car was very nice. I was scared for the first ride, but it was nice to take the fresh air out of the stink of cars.