Tünektepe Cable Car Project in Antalya Provincial Assembly

Tünektepe Cable Car Project at the Antalya Provincial Assembly: In the first session of the Antalya Provincial Assembly in February, the Tünektepe parachute runway, which was decided to be built with the Tünektepe Cable Car Project in 2011, but could not be implemented, was discussed.
Speaking before discussing the agenda, Speaker of the Assembly Cavit Arı made an evaluation on the news in the press about the Tünektepe Cable Car Project. Stating that one of the most important services will be provided to Antalya within the scope of the decisions taken by the Assembly, Cavit Arı stated that the news about the slow progress of the project came to the agenda. Stating that it is important for Antalya to complete the project, Cavit Arı said, “It is a really important project. Efforts should be made to complete it within the periods specified in the contract. Everyone has a duty in this sense, ”he said.
Another issue that closely concerns Tünektepe on the agenda of the assembly was the parachute runway. Reminding that the parliament made a recommendation on the construction of a parachute track in the region in July 2011, it was discussed why the project has not been implemented so far. In the commission reports prepared on the subject, it was stated that a regulation should be prepared in this regard, with the runway to be established in the region operated by the Governorship and Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK).
CHP Council Member Songül Başkaya stated that no attempt has been made by the Special Provincial Administration to build the runway, and the runway was brought to the agenda with the idea of ​​increasing interest in air sports in Antalya, contributing to tourism and urban economy and helping young people to get away from harmful habits. He emphasized that the Administration should start work as soon as possible.
MHP group sözcüSü Zeki Tunç stated that a commission formed in the parliament made an investigation in Babadağ, Fethiye before deciding on the construction of the runway and stated that THK also demanded for the track. CHP group sözcüSü İlhan Buğdaycı stated that the Special Provincial Administration will be closed after March 30 and that the institution to which the Tünektepe Daily Facility will be transferred should also consider these decisions taken in the parliament. After the speeches, the reports of the commission were accepted unanimously.

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