Train rail check tool hit the turntable: 1 dead

Train rail check vehicle hit the rear-wheel: 1 dead. A child was killed and one person was seriously injured as a result of a rail track vehicle crashing into a picnic in a level crossing.
At the level crossing of BATMAN - Merkez Railway (Tılmerç) District, a child was killed and one person was seriously injured when the train rail control vehicle hit a pickup truck.
According to information obtained, the 10.30 train rail control vehicle at the time, who want to move in the opposite direction Ismail Eren (39) used 72 EA 561 plate hit the middle of the picket.
In the accident, the turntable was only able to stop after the 50 meter drifted. The accident in the vehicle in the car, a little girl named Zekiyenur Eren (9) died at the scene while Sayili Eren (39) was seriously injured.
İsmail Eren injured in the accident, from the ambulance to the scene of the Batman Regional State Hospital was removed by treatment. Zekiyenur Eren died at the funeral of the same hospital morgue was removed.
It was learned that İsmail Eren, who was being treated at the Batman Regional State Hospital, remained in serious condition.
After the incident, the police investigated the scene and launched an investigation.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 18:33

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