Çankırı Deputy Visits to Çankırı Scissor Factory

TCDD Cankiri Shears Factory
TCDD Cankiri Shears Factory

Visit from Çankırı Deputy to Çankırı Scissor Factory: Çankırı Deputy Hüseyin FİLİZ visited Çankırı Scissor Factory. Filiz, who attended the luncheon with the employees, was informed by the Deputy Factory Manager Abdulvahap İNANÇ about the production and realization of the planned investments in 2013. Hüseyin FİLİZ made a short speech about the current situation of the factory in the dining hall. He announced that the CNC Portal Milling Machine, which was tendered many years ago but could not be brought to the factory due to legal problems, will arrive as soon as possible.

Filiz, in the factory by examining the production of scissors in the industrialist by specifying that he used the Lathe Machine and Trifonez Machine. Factory Manager Abdulvahap INANÇ was presented with a plaque by the deputy chairman and factory employees took a souvenir photo.

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