Historical Egirdir Train Station Sold

History is spinning station Satılıyorm: field among the oldest railway station in Turkey and "Historical Heritage" is spinning in the nature of what will be the fate Station?
In the news titled satış The Rotting Historical Monument Eğ (Mediterranean Special News), it was reported that Eğirdir Train Station was put up for sale.
The article, "The Privatization Administration (OIB), the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), is propolis floated in the ownership Train Station. 2 has submitted an offer to the 4 organization for the immovable property X. News was met with sadness and reaction in our town.

Eğirdir district of Isparta, which is the heart of the lakes region, hosts the train station, which is the last stop of the railway line opened for operation under the name of ir Aydın line Köşk-Eğridir Operation Management işlet in 1919. Britain's 1800'lar year to take the forest products and silk handmade carpet from Isparta to train the train rails and built the station structures in the records of Atatürk's 1919 in the records used during his trip to the country takes place.

Eighty years of freight and human transportation, the historical station serving the people of the region has been abandoned to its fate in the year with the annulment of the flights in 2001. The Egirdir Station, which has an important function in the War of Independence, and the buildings around it are located in the 2009 station and placed between the 25 station and put on the privatization board. The director of the famous director Atıf Yılmaz, Mine, also hosts Mine, and the viewers of today's civilization, especially those who see the window parts of historical buildings filling with concrete, are considered to be disrespectful to history. While the railway system was rotting at Eğirdir Station, the buildings became a wreck.
We know that Atatürk stopped by the train on the historical railway bridge during his visit and was very impressed by the beauty of Eğirdir and expressed his appreciation for the words durdur What a wonderful view Atatürk.

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