Özhaseki Kayseri's Urban Transportation Master Plan announced

Özhaseki Kayseri's Urban Transportation Master Plan announced: Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki made a press conference and announced the Urban Transportation Master Plan. Providing information about the works to be done in the short, medium and long term, President Özhaseki said that the urban traffic will relax with these projects.
AK Party Provincial Chairman Ömer Dengiz, central district mayors, mayor candidates, department heads and press members attended the press conference held by Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki in the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall. Özhaseki first made the assessment of last week at the meeting. Sharing his findings in the county, town and village trips he organized, Mayor Özhaseki said, “We saw that the Metropolitan Municipalities Law was a very correct law. They're a lot of trouble. We have seen that even the simplest water problem cannot be solved. Despite the sources such as KÖYDES and BELDES brought by the AK Party government for the first time in the history of the Republic, there are problems. People out there trust us. They know we will do it when we promise, ”he said.
While explaining the Urban Transport Master Plan, President Mehmet Özhaseki, who gave general information about transportation in Kayseri, said, “The first reason is the rapid urbanization and Kayseri being a regional center. Although the population of Kayseri center seems to be 1 million, this population is 1 million 300 thousand during the day with those coming from the surrounding provinces to Wonderland, Erciyes or elsewhere. The second reason is vehicle density. There are currently 300 thousand vehicles in Kayseri. Another reason is that drivers do not abandon their parking habits. Vehicle is placed in the second third row on the roadside ”.
Noting that spatial work has been done in the plans made in Kayseri since 1950, but no work has been done on the transportation plan between venues, Mayor Özhaseki stated that they are now preparing a detailed study on this subject. Stating that they have made two main decisions in this planning, President Özhaseki said that the first of them is to enlarge the city towards the hard floors on the Gesi, Turan and Bünyan line, and the second is to strengthen the public transportation and rail system line.
Explaining short, medium and long term solutions in transportation, Mayor Özhaseki said, “We know the blocked places. The real bottleneck is in the center. There is a need for a ring line on the 30-kilometer route that starts from DSI and reaches DSI from Peripheral Road, 16 Ağustos Boulevard and Kartal Boulevard. Uninterrupted transportation will be provided on this line. When we do this, people don't choose other ways. To achieve this, around 20 underpasses and overpasses are needed. When we do this, there will be no trouble in the city center, ”he said.
Stating that alternative roads will be opened in the east-west axis in the medium term and other roads will be created for the transition to the east line besides the Mimarsinan Junction, President Özhaseki said that the highways will make the tender for the viaduct required for the road from Talas to Abdullah Gül University at the end of this month, He noted that the Municipality undertook.
President Özhaseki, who also emphasized the rail system issue at the press conference, emphasized that each rail system vehicle is 2 million Euros and said, “In addition to the existing lines and vehicles, new lines and new vehicles cost 800 million TL for the rail system. This is an important figure. When we increase the number of vehicles, it can be made every 1-2 minutes depending on the need. When talking about the rail system, criticisms are made such as 'The rail system has arrived, the traffic has been locked'. 'When you take down so many people in the rail system and get them into the vehicles, we have to think about what the traffic becomes. The whole world has seen that this is the solution for transportation. In the surveys we conducted, the lowest support was initially given to the Rail System. But now the highest support is coming out. There is no need to argue over this. We will strengthen the rail system, ”he said.
Emphasizing that another solution is one-way roads and that the first examples of this will be Hastane Caddesi and İstasyon Caddesi, Özhaseki said that in the short term, solutions such as improvement in traffic lights, removing U-turns or left turns on some axes and applying a parking ban on narrower roads will be put into effect. At the end of his words, Özhaseki stated that experts on urban transportation have been working for 1,5-2 years and that the city will relax with all these projects. He added that they are considering a suburban line starting from Yeşilhisar to Sarıoğlan on a question.

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