Mayor of Kayseri to Connect with Districts of Suburban Line

Kayseri with the Mayor of Town Commuter Rail together to Tie: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor AK Party Mehmet Özhaseki, the Republic of Turkey State Railways Yolları'yl a new they are working on planning and counties said they plan to implement the commuter rail system will connect.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki gave information to the public about the projects he planned to realize in transportation, this time in case he was elected at the press conference on March 30. Özhaseki stated that the reasons such as transportation, rapid urbanization, regionalization of the city, and the increase in the number of vehicles also brought along some problems in Kayseri:
“There is a big flow from Kayseri's surroundings to the city. Now, my new plans are to move the city to the east, that is, on hard floors. Towards the Gesi-Turan line. There are around 20 under and overpass constructions. An alternative viaduct will be made from Abdullah Gül University to the city center. ”
Özhaseki, the projects about the 2 years on the work of experts, and these experts in the provinces such as Ankara, Istanbul, Konya, said they have implemented projects in provinces. Özhaseki, said:
“They ask us; 'Why haven't you done these things for so many years, why did you wait?' They will laugh at us if we see our traffic congested when they see traffic in cities such as Ankara, Istanbul, Samsun and Antalya. We are after more luxury and comfortable transportation. There have been provincial presidents for the underpasses that said 'We will fill those holes'. There were those who taunted. So we are doing some projects ahead of time. Many projects are criticized for doing it early. I experienced this in the Erciyes Project, in the new stadium. When we destroyed the old stadium and tried to make a new one, there were those who said, 'You poured the right of the poor fukara there.' But now a model project has emerged. So when you act early, you are criticized. We do not waste the efforts of experts and experts who have been working for months. ”
'We will connect the districts with Banyan'
President Özhaseki, Iron Yolları'yl the Republic of Turkey are working on a new planning and counties stated that they plan to implement the commuter rail system will connect. Özhaseki said, “This is a study that will connect Yeşilhisar to İncesu in the first place and then Sarıoğlan behind Argıncık. We met with the Railways. They said if we partnered with the vehicles, we said okay. We are working on it. ”



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