Eskişehir City Crossing Project is under construction

📩 29/11/2018 17:57

Eskisehir City Crossing Project continues construction: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Eskisehir Station Crossing (City Pass) project of the construction has reportedly continued.
In the written statement made by TCDD, it was stated that the news titled "Railway collapsed", "Returned from the disaster" and "High Speed ​​Train line collapsed" in the press on the YHT Eskişehir City Crossing Project did not reflect the truth.
Construction of the YHT Eskisehir City Crossing Project is continuing, said the following:
“As it is known, the YHT line is taken underground between Eskişehir east city entrance and Eskişehir Train Station. With the start of the project, a temporary service road was built, and the transportation of YHTs to Eskişehir Station was provided from this service road. The passage of YHTs through the temporary service road is at low speed (10 km). Depending on the course and condition of the construction, the transfer of passengers by short-distance buses has been done in the past from time to time. Yesterday's short-distance bus transfer is one of them. It is thought that the news titled "Railway collapsed", "Returned from Disaster", "High Speed ​​Train line collapsed" and their content stemmed from not knowing this condition. There is no such thing as a collapse of the YHT line.

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