Gündem Tramvay

Gündem Tram in Kocaelinde: Yesterday, CHP members walked in front of the district building to the tram in Anıtpark. People's Houses made a protest in front of the Municipality Business Han and accused the AK Party of making a show. CHP İzmit District Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ümit Küçükkaya and party members gathered in front of CHP İzmit District Building and marched to the tram in Anıtpark. press release in front of the tram Mehmet Küçükkaya, "Turkey if we lived in a country outside, members of the press to examine the news even yapmazdı.biz tram project of this event, made to discuss the costs and who we would love to appreciate," he said.
Indicating that it is very meaningful to make such a project on the eve of the election, Küçükkaya said, “During the study project process, we saw this political maneuver, which was made to choose the color of the so-called tram, with a cable car in the Sekapark land. Public money spent for these political shows disturbs our citizens. "The political manipulation you made in the 2009 elections, thinking that you could make it in the 2014 elections, is to make fun of the people of Izmit".
Stating that they think the tram project is very important for Izmit as the CHP, Küçükkaya said, “We know the philosophy of the AKP government, which does not pay the debts by ignoring the principle of 'continuity in the state' when they first took over the municipalities.
However, he said, "Let's put a wagon in the middle of Izmit, let's leave a huge project before the elections." Members of People's Houses humorously criticized the tram project. Kocaeli Community Houses members protested the tram placed in Anıtpark, in partnership with the Metropolitan Municipality and Izmit Municipality, in front of the Municipality Business Center. Stating that saying that the color and name of the tram will be determined by the public is a deception for the election, Şeker said, "We determined the name of this tram as 'lyingray'".
Expressing that the tram project is completely an electoral investment, Şeker said, “AKP executives are making a show. Unable to produce the slightest solution to the transportation problem today, the AK Party lies once again to cover it up before the election. There is not even a project ready yet. "There is no discussion about whether the tram to be built will ease the transportation of the city," he said.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 18:22

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