Çambaşı Ski Center Erciyesi Model Received (Photo Gallery)

📩 24/11/2018 12:40

Çambaşı Ski stamen Model Old: At Highland, 60 percent of the Army's Çambaşı completed Çambaşı Winter Sports Ski Center Erciyes Ski Center model is shown between two of Turkey's largest resort.

Kabadüz District Governorship Villages Association and Çambaşı Winter Sports Ski Center contractor company officials made a study trip at Erciyes Ski Center. Yakup Karataş, Director of the Association of Service for the Villages of Kabaduz District, who gave information about their study trip, stated that the trip added very important experiences to them.

Emphasizing that the trip was very important in terms of information sharing, the Association Manager Karataş said, “In order to gain more positive experiences in the construction works of the mechanical areas of the facilities and the mechanical areas of Çambaşı Plateau in the Kabbaşı district of Ordu, Ordu. we organized a trip. In line with this trip, we observed the settlements, runway formations and mechanical facilities in the facility. In line with the trip here, it was a travel program that added very important experiences to us, so that our facilities in Çambaşı Winter Sports Ski Center can provide better services to our province and our country ”.

Çambaşı Winter Sports Ski Center construction site chief Civil Engineer Kerem Timur said that they saw the operation of the infrastructure and facilities in Erciyes Ski Center with the trip they organized.

Stating what Erciyes Ski Center sees as a model, Civil Engineer Timur said, “As NAS Construction, we are constructing Çambaşı Winter Sports Ski Center. In this regard, we visited the ski center at the foot of Kayseri Erciyes Mountain with the administration of Kabadüz District Governorate and our technical team. We have seen the infrastructure of the facilities here and the operation of their mechanical facilities. We received information from authorized friends about the chair lift lines. In the light of the information we received, we gained experience in the technical works of Çambaşı Winter Sports Ski Center. This facility, which was held in Erciyes, together with our team, was a pioneer for the facility that we will build in Çambaşı Plateau. ”

Mustafa Olgun, one of the officials of Kayseri Culture and Tourism Provincial Directorate assigned by Kayseri Governor Orhan Düzgün as a guide on the tour, will continue to build the Erciyes Ski Center, which will host the Balkan Countries ski competition, which will be held this year and even will be held this year. He noted that he would be a very good model for Çambaşı Ski Center.