Snow covered winter season in Erciyeste

Erciyes snow-sure winter season: the important winter tourism centers of Turkey's Erciyes in artificial snow machines were guaranteed four-month winter season.

Erciyes Assistant General Manager Yücel Iler, AA correspondent, said in a statement, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center Project taken within the scope of the snow mountain 144 1 700 thousand thousand square meters of the snow machine and 2014 thousand square meters of the 2015-XNUMX winter season are ready in every sense, he said.

Artificial snow machines began to produce profit for the purpose of experimenting and they have encountered any hitches Ikiler, said:

“From the moment the air temperature drops to 4 degrees below zero, we can generate snow. Especially after midnight, until the sun rises in the morning, the air temperature is at values ​​that can produce snow. Thanks to our snow units, we have secured the winter season at the Erciyes ski resort. We will not close the winter season in Erciyes that will open in the second week of December until the second week of April. We guarantee this to our ski lovers and tour operators. In other words, we are able to ski for 4 months without interruption in Erciyes. ”

To meet the water demand of artificial snow machines 2 thousand 800 meter at an altitude of 235 thousand cubic meters of capacity to create a lake Ikiler, here and the water taken from the natural lake in the Tekir region last year 235 thousand cubic meters of snow produced by keeping the plants open throughout the season, he said.

Emphasizing that the snow melting in the summer is used in the snow production in winter, İkiler emphasized that they do karlam with the logic of recycling without causing any harm to nature.

- Snow guarantee is important for tour operators

İkiler stated that local and foreign tour operators started to sell their winter tourism packages in August and said the operators wanted a snow and season guarantee when making a deal with the ski resorts.

Can not guarantee profits in the season Erciyes in Turkey, emphasizing that it's only ski resort Twos, continued as follows:

“Tour operators pay special attention to Erciyes because of their artificial snowmoving units. Relying on our snowmoving units, it can make all its connections such as hotel and flight tickets and sell its winter packages to its customers. If it does not snow across the country as in the previous year, operators will not be in a difficult situation against their customers and will not encounter any negativity such as canceling reservations or packages. The customer is satisfied with the package. The most important thing for operators is customer satisfaction. They want to work with centers that can achieve this. ”

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