Piano recital at the Antalya nostalgia tram (Photo Gallery)

Piano recital at the Antalya nostalgia tram: Piano recital at the nostalgia trolley is presented by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality to draw attention to the International Antalya Piano Festival held this year by the 14.
14 is the art director of the famous pianist Fazıl Say. The International Antalya Piano Festival will be held on 8-30 November. Last year's motto 'There is Music in the City' and the piano placed on the nostalgia trolley between Işıklar and Museum line before the festival was greatly appreciated. Piano mounted on the middle section of the tram can be played by passengers.
Passengers, Mecdude Başakıncı Middle School student Elif Işıl Karakaş'ın 10 melodies from the pianos made a pleasant journey. The piano recital on the tram aims to draw attention to the festival in the city. Passengers traveling to art with the melodies of the little pianist did not forget to photograph these moments. Saying that 5.5 played the piano for years, Elif Işıl Karakaş said, ç It is very enjoyable to play the piano on the tram. It was a different and beautiful feeling. The passengers are listening carefully. I didn't even realize I was on the tram when I was playing. I love the piano. I will become a famous pianist when I grow up. Büy
Hüzun Özkara Yanık, who was traveling by listening to the piano, said, H The journey is very nice and enjoyable. It became traditional. We are very happy. We were very surprised. The original was Orijinal.
Gülçin Ataer from the passengers said that they were lucky to have a piano festival in Antalya. Fest It was a chance for us to listen to the piano on the tram. We were touched by melodies. We want to increase the number of activities that have music in it. İçinde
Merter Oner, the tram company, said that thanks to the piano, the passengers had a colorful journey, and that he had a pleasant ride.
Michael Camilo, Vladimir Spivakov, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh will be attended by the 14 Antalya Piano Festival 8-30 November will be held between.


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