İZBAN Cumaovası-Torbalı line construction works started with a ceremony

İZBAN Cumaovası-Torbalı line construction works started with a ceremony
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu started the superstructure works of İZBAN Cumaovası-Torbalı line with a ceremony.
Izmir Governor Mustafa Cahit Kirac, Minister Binali Yildirim, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, AK Party Izmir Province President Omer Cihat Akay, AK Party Izmir Provincial Vice President Yusuf Kenan Cakar, CHP Izmir Deputies Mustafa Moroglu, Alaattin Yuksel, TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman also attended.
Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the İZBAN-Torbali line to be held in cooperation with TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that the İZBAN line will reach 188 kilometers. Explaining that they have reached a new stage in the Torbalı stage of the İZBAN project, Karaman said: “Today we will make the first rail welding. The bagged line, which we laid the foundation on October 7, 2011, continues as planned. 1270 electrification poles were started to be erected. The signal of the line will be equipped with the highest level signal system in the world, which we call level 2. We have reached the stage of finishing the superstructure stage. 9 highway overpasses and six stations to be constructed by IBSB will be completed. The 26-kilometer Torbalı Seçuk project has been completed and the construction phase has come. Aliağa Bergama project is also in the completion phase. A road map was drawn up to reach 188 kilometers in a short time.
After Karaman 'Turkey is proud of you,' 'King Binali roads Lightning' chants accompanied by Minister Binali from the podium Yildirim also said it would no longer have the opportunity to travel with more comfortable comfortable system from Torbalı'ya in the year 1,5 the people of Ontario, "İZBAN line really İzmir people is a project for the people of İzmir and this project is a joint project between the government and the municipality. What we said, 'If the affair of Izmir is the service if the service is politics' We have made this project with this understanding. 214 more than a million people have traveled this route. Enough of them. Thanks to them. No more thanks. Başka
Minister Yıldırım, İZBAN line will be extended to Selcuk and Aliaga, explaining the end of the projects, Izmir rail system will be equipped, he said.
Minister Yıldırım, saying that this work did not end here, continued his words as follows: “Now projects are completed until Selçuk. We will soon make the tender for Selçuk. In 2013, we will start from Aliağa to Bergama. Step by step. With the new law, we sat on metropolitan borders at 50 kilometers, we discussed this decision with the municipality. We said that we will equip İzmir from the north to the south with a rail system. It doesn't stop there. We completely renewed the line until Tire last year. We put the Anatolian train, built with the labor of 100 percent Turkish engineers, into Tire. We also increased the number of these. The line that will continue from Ödemiş to Kiraz. We are also doing his work ”
Minister Yıldırım, Bayındır-Ödemiş and the road works continue until Beydağ continued, giving the information as follows: çalış We continue the divided path until Bayındır Ödemiş and Beydağ. Works are continuing fast. In addition, we have completely finished the road divided by Kemalpaşa Torbalı. We will also open 30 km railway from Kemalpasa to Turgutlu at the end of next month. From Ankara to Afyon, we started the construction of high-speed rail tracks. The second stage is Afyon-Usak-Izmir. We're gonna start with him next year. We are going to transport the city of Ankara to Ankara by high-speed train. It wasn't enough, we came here this morning and we had a meeting on the Izmir Istanbul motorway project. We have given speed to the works and 3 ordered to complete the motorway exit from Izmir within a year. You know, from Çiğli, we extended the perimeter to Koyundere by 5. Harmandali connection is still working. We are making the tender for the highway until the construction of the North Aegean Çandarlı, which is under construction, and we aim to complete it in the 3 year. İn
Expressing that they have also carried out a joint project with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to clean the Izmir Bay, Minister Yıldırım said: “Bay cleaning is one of the most important projects of Izmir. This is a project carried out by IBSB and TCDD. Two latest models related to this - one we, one made by the municipality - dredging vessels with high-capacity mud pumps are ready. Two channels will open. North and south. The south channel will provide the required depth for the ships arriving at the port. The north channel will clear the alluviums formed by 16 streams and the circulation of the bay will take place literally. There will be no more pollution in the Gulf. We left politics aside here. We said service, we set out together. Time is the time to serve İzmir, not time to speak. We do the politics in the squares, but the service is always central to Izmir everywhere, we local governments will do it. We will make every effort to ensure that the service is not delayed. ”
Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also gave information about the projects of the municipality after thanking Minister Yıldırım for his support. Explaining that İBŞB carries 1,5 million people in public transportation every day, Kocaoğlu said: “Transportation is a subject that is absolutely and subsidized all over the world. But this also has a limit. It is not possible to get out of this business by buses. İZBAN Cumaovası-Torbalı line superstructure works are currently coming to Torbalı. The bathroom system will work in 1,5 years. Then we will reach Bergama and Selçuk. After our tram projects have been approved by the SPO, they have been put out to tender and have 235 km Karşıyaka trams. Narlıdere extension of the metro, Buca and the extension of the Buca tram extension, a bus system from Halkapınar to the bus station will skip the age of Izmir rail system. Turkey's largest rail transport network has come to a point that can not be captured. We do this together with unity of heart and service understanding. Big investments are big projects. If you do not invest in transportation, you cannot reach a certain standard. For the first time, lanes with a width of 35 meters are opened. The first stage of the Flying Road Project was laid. At
Chairman Kocağlu, Konak and Karşıyaka After the approval of the Undersecretariat of Treasury for the approval of the TCDD investment plan for the tram line and for external credit, they expect the approval of the State Planning Organization.
Kocaoğlu who wants to continue the support of Minister Yıldırım, said: “Konak and DLH approved Karşıyaka After the tram lines were included in the investment plan from TCDD, we agreed with our Undersecretary of Treasury for foreign credit. Only the approval of the SPO is required. Mr. Minister has been working with me on this subject for at least 12 months. If we start at once, we will have realized this project while we have found the ready loan. I want the ongoing support to be accelerated. ”
Speaking about the new fairgrounds in Gaziemir, Kocaoglu said: By spending a fairground in Gaziemir Izmir million pounds 400, 285 thousand square meters of construction, 113 thousand square meters of indoor exhibition areas are also geçekleştiriy Turkey's largest exhibition area with open space. We are doing 30 fair. Turkey's largest convention center, will perform at the new fairgrounds. 35 million pounds spent on expropriation. 259 million tender price. Spending 50 million liras with the furnishing, İBŞB, 1,5 400 million in the maximum two years of the year with their own resources to spend money 300 day in the city will do, a large project to develop tourism will be signed.

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