Train line will not be underground in Tarsus center

The train line will not be taken underground in Tarsus headquarters: The efforts of the Ministry of Transport to raise the number of train lines between Mersin and Adana from 2 to 4 are continuing at full speed, while the train lines passing through the Tarsus center have been on the ground for a while. Ü expectation fell into the water with TCDD's negative report!
Development Minister-Mersin deputy Lütfi Elvan, as a result of the comprehensive study at the moment in the center of Tarsus train lines are not technically possible to take underground, he said. Minister Elvan stated that underpass will be made in line with Tarsus' need.
Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Development said: 4 kilometers from the city center of the train line, sunk-output was added to the 6 kilometer portion of the underground demand was taken. TCDD, Tarsus headquarters sent teams to work extensively. As a result of the studies it turned out that this is not technically possible. The tenders of the train lines to 4 were made a long time ago. The construction of the business is continuing rapidly, İş he said.
Minister Lütfi Elvan, who stated that the train lines were taken from under the ground caused many problems and tried in a few places. This was experienced in Eskişehir. On the other hand, the current tender for such a project needs to be canceled and re-auctioned. Öte
Development Minister Elvan stated that they are going to undertake the underpasses in Tarsus so as not to cause any problems in vehicle and pedestrian transportation. That is, if there is a requirement, it will be fulfilled. We also told this to Tarsus Mayor. Bunu

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