Adult Education

Adult Education
Especially in recent years, communication and information sharing is rapidly increasing
We all observe. For this reason, standing and
for the institutions that want to move forward with all their powers to this evolving and changing system
their integration is one of the main requirements. As you know, most of the competition
The important condition is to follow and adapt the innovations without losing time. Apply it
institutions and organizations unfortunately can not be forgotten after a while
he is being condemned. Of course, the development or disappearance of institutions or organizations
it is about the employees and the executives who make it, not the institution itself. "Life
learning ım the principle of lifelong learning is one of the most important principles.
It stands out.
First of all, I would like to point out that the
The training is two categories that are very different from each other.
Children learn new things, live them
It is much easier to spend because they are newly processed
they are like a sprout. But something new to an adult
learn and put it into practice
it is quite a challenge to adapt
they will no longer have to overcome and even never
There are molds, weaknesses and expectations that will not exceed.
As a matter of fact, these institutions also affect the change and development,
the desired result is not obtained. From this point on the institutional basis
first to reach world standards, its staff is open to innovations,
high-quality training should be created to make them enthusiastic about self-improvement. This
what should be considered in education and what kind of content?

In what situations are adults open to education?
General characteristics of adult students
• Adults; they want to know what they have to learn.
• Adults; contributed to their quality of life and self-esteem
they are motivated when they believe they will be found.
• Adults have a lot of knowledge and experience.
• Adults require the possibility of evaluation, questioning and refusal if necessary.
• If adults will use what they have just learned in their memories, they want to integrate "old information" with new ones.
• When adults learn something new, they do not associate and remember it.
• Adults want to feel independent.
• Adults are more concerned with concrete problems.
• Adults learn their perceptions of their own goals, motivations and needs.
• Adults learn better by practicing rather than theory.
• Adults like “hands-on” instructions.
• Adults prefer educational programs that deal with one issue and focus on applying it to problems.

Adults learn better in what situations:
• When they participate individually
• When objectives and instruments are realistic and important to them,
• When training materials are configured to meet their needs,
• When the subject is associated with its own daily activities,
• When based on learning, experience, research and practice,
• When learning is made in informal but regular settings,
• When materials are presented in a variety of ways, such as practical examples,
• When the subjects are visually explained and supported,
• When activities and tasks are structured and clearly relevant to specific issues
• In problem solving,
• When real or simulated case study experiences are used,
• have the opportunity to put into practice and practice what they have learned,
• When structured, beneficial feedback is given,
• When teaching is in cooperation and in groups,
• Under pressure, without testing or evaluation,
• When there are short intervals between topics such as the evaluation period.
Science in the inevitability of keeping pace with change
men and women are exposed to positions and auxiliary materials
they decided to overcome this difficulty by giving weight. Adult education
have developed the training method. So what is the most important difference of this branch of education?
The difference is in the purely educational control of trainings, like the traditional pedagogical approach
It is done. American educational scientist demonstrating Andragogical education
Knowles is. Knowles, rather than teaching the role of adult educator
advocates that there should be facilitation. For this reason, specially bred
instructors, specially created curriculum and
have a philosophical approach to change. The most vital in adult education
is to give the consciousness that “needs education ere to the adult to be trained.
Because adults look hot in education but only when they feel they need it.
Therefore, for an adult to be equipped with information,
The training environment should be prepared. Here are all these arguments based on the problem (PBL)
learning or self-learning. However, this system
Of course there are some jargon. But the advantages next to the jurisprudence
it is much more. Methods of pedagogical and andragogical systems in developed countries
a mixed method was obtained. Traditional education in some adults
system, more predisposition to the
a great predisposition was found. For this reason, both systems
it will make it easier to realize. One of the handicaps of adult students
to ask questions. Asking questions that the adult student does not know
refrains, if the training is done within the group,
He is afraid of a condemnation. The questions of adult students understand the topic more
and trying to compress the trainer.
the questions that the adult student can ask and the questions are determined
must be explained or revived in some way.
The development of the railway transportation system with a dynamic structure is very fast. To this speed
The main element of our growth is the adaptation of our staff,
it integrates fast to change. The most important condition of integration is in education.
The success of the training is to select and implement the method correctly. This method is correct
is the active role of adult students in education. adult
In our company, where the training activities are carried out continuously and sustainably,
In general, the method used in adult education is Andragogy. Last year
In this kind of training by the educators of adult educators in different styles
It is given. All of our company has witnessed the success of this training. in Education
participation of adult students in the maximum level, role-plays and variety
The training with attraction has been successful. In the traditional sense of education
the success would not have been this degree.
Basic method used especially in urban and TCDD mechanic training
it is an isogegical method. But the exceptions are that the
in class and teacher-oriented trainings. Mechanic in recent years
training is given the start of the transition to a mixed method.
If we define the concept of adult, the adult individual can take responsibility, sense of identity
developed a sense of self-responsibility, having its own lives and experiences
It is defined as an individual.
'' mechanic trainings '' are traditional in urban rail system installations
The system, which was started as a totally educationally controlled one, should have its share from the change.
The reason this; If we examine for adult students,
an education and training that must be tolerated, though traditionally for the charm of
because of the system. This education tradition is based entirely on the
The instructor is controlled. This application is for urban rail systems
benefits. But it is time to adapt to the changing world.
Rail system enterprises Advanced world in the employment and training of mechanic
the introduction of an education system parallel to the education of
their work
in accordance with the basic components of education in the near future,
how many of the trainings are theoretical and how much
Demonstration and how much of it should be practiced.
The components of world literature are taken as modeling and studies
According to the research of Scientists who focus on Adult Education,

When we look at the panel above, we need to focus on education
It is shown that the part is managed in person. Personally manage the function
means being inside.
The concept of managing personally in education is solved with the support of technology
It is studied. Pragmatist American educational thinker John Dewey; learning by doing
based on the principle of learning by doing. According to him, life means activity. At school,
an active school based on student activity. Student doing business
learn to work actively within a business group.
CBT (Computer) used in modern sense is the most important pillar of the director
Based Training and Simulators. CBT s most important contribution to education,
to tolerate different levels of perception of the student. So that the student CBT computer
by training himself, so to speak, training himself so to speak. Pedagogy
the most important part of the education, the group is done in the case of repetitions
explain with frequency. For example, the success of the subject you are telling the student
limited to the perception of students.

Sometimes the number of repetitions is even better
can not provide. So the second narrative of the subject is a
at the first time by the students, a part of the students at once by 4
The student who understands the subject at once
It will dissipate. One of the most important handicaps of the group training
This is. However, if the training is carried out by CBT, the repetition of the student itself
when he / she finds out that he / she will learn, he / she will decide to cross the other subject.
The student decides whether to learn the repetitions of the training, and to what extent
It will give.
Visual and / or audio tools to be used,
kazanIt should be selected and organized in accordance with the competencies desired to be developed:
An important part of the planning phase will ensure the implementation of the program
preparation of educational tools. In order to make a modern education,
The use of well-developed training tools should be used in accordance with the requirements. Audio-visual
and if moving tools and materials are integrated with teaching, learning becomes more effective.
These tools and materials bring flexibility to teaching, considering individual differences
it allows to be taken, increases the effectiveness of trainers and participants.
Therefore, preparation of teaching tools in parallel with the programs in education,
the activities of reproduction, putting into service and evaluating the result -
is an integral part of teaching processes.

However, tools are not independent variables. Program, equipment,
equipment and other equipment items, in relation to each other
has to be carried out. To the participants kazanbehavior, content,
number of participants, consideration of the selection and arrangement of equipment
are the necessary issues. However, as almost all experts in the field agree,
ensuring the effectiveness of the selected tools and equipment and target behaviors
to organize and use each partner to
each tool - the tool has its own special considerations and
but these behaviors can be arranged and used in the desired behavior
they can help in realizing the change.
The teaching which will contribute to the development of the institution in adult education,
with the help of technology self, via internet (wbt), cd, dynamic
simulators, video film, BTE (Computer based training, CBT).
However, the most important disadvantage of the training methods such as CBT, WBT
Preparations during preparation. You need to prepare a program
that the adult student can think of all the program and put adult
the student without a teacher to manage the repetition and back
full-fledged animation with role-plays
Educational tools and materials in parallel with the changing world,
rapidly changing. Your presence in the future world is not behind this change
or it is. Our company is intertwined with technology
It requires strict work in front of us. Urban rail system
companies and TCDD closely follow technological developments and new systems
To adapt the necessary innovations to their businesses,
they should reach the required level.
1.Malcolm S. Knowles (1950) Informal Adult Education, Chicago: Association Press, pages
2.Kamp Number of 2005 May / June publication Training of NRC Trainers for Management Training.

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