Başakşehir-Kirazlı subway started the journey today

Başakşehir-Kirazlı subway started to travel to the snake story. This part of the line, which was designed as a continuation of the Aksaray-Esenler metro, has not been opened since the Esenler-Kirazlı stage has not been completed yet.
While the number of passengers in the subway line, which was unexplained, was low, it was noteworthy that the first day metron was free.
Başakşehir-Kirazlı Metro, Metrokent, Başak Houses, Sites, Turgut Ozal, İkitelli Industry, Olympic, Ziya Gökalp Mh, Istoc, Mahmutbey, Yeni Mahalle, Kirazlı stations will pass. Hayyin peak times are planned to work with the 5 min frequency.
We hope that the metro line opened will be beneficial to the people of Istanbul.

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