Sirkeci-Halkalı Bahçeşehir will be the last stop of the commuter train

📩 24/11/2018 21:52

The train is coming.
Sirkeci-Halkalı the last stop of the suburban train between Bahçeşehir will hopefully!
Who knows. The line starting from Sirkeci and extending to Kapıkule passes through the middle of Bahçeşehir. There is even a station now. Ispartakule!
The station, which is called pond, is located around the station. There are large areas available for parking.
Currently Sirkeci- Halkalı line in maintenance. Once the train is accelerated and the rails are squeaked, it will be possible to reach Sirkeci from Bahçeşehir in 30 minutes. It will reduce the traffic density of the region.
I do not get on the car after the project is launched. I go to the station…
I leave my car in the park and I will give my book or my newspaper, and I say Sirkeci!
The trains that I enjoyed the most while living in London were trains. Like Mis… Clicking… Traveling in Confidence…
It is very exciting to me to believe that pleasure will be relived again.
I wanted my neighbors to enjoy the joy and excitement I've had.
Our eyes are enlightened, our train is fast, people!

Source: Sevilay Yükselir - Sabah

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