KARDEMİR will produce freight wagon

Fadil Demirel pointed out that the company foresees an investment of more than 400 million TL by the end of this year.
Karabük Iron and Steel Factory (KARDEMİR) has started to produce freight wagon as well as ongoing modernization and capacity increase investments. General Manager Fadıl Demirel, evaluating the car production as one of the historical investments for KARDEMİR, said: biri As it is known, KARDEMİR is the only rail manufacturer of our country. Now we are working on the production of wagons. We have partnerships with TCDD and Voest Alpine in the scissor factory which was established to produce railroad shears in Çankırı. We will also work on the production of other infrastructure materials of railways. Thus, we aim to turn Karabük into a production center of railway materials. Bö
New Sinter Factory, 1 and 4 number of blast furnace investments, Coal Injection Plant, Third Air Separation Plant, 20 thousand metrubricket Center Water System, New Junction Holu, Sulfur Duct, Desulfirization, Gas Holder, 2. Fadıl Demirel stated that the investments such as the new furnace furnace, Vacuum Defasing, Vacuum Defasing, and 15 MW were completed and commissioned. 70 kiln new coke factory, Ore, Coal Blending Stock and Manipulation Systems, 1 million 200 thousand tons / year capacity New Blast Furnace 5, 2. Coal Injection System, 1 million 300 thousand tons / year capacity New Continuous Casting Plant, 50 MW New Power Plant, 22.5 MW HEPP Project, 30 MW Power Plant, 120 MW Power Plant and Power Plant, 2 MW Power Plant ton New Transformer construction and increase the capacity of existing ones, such as XNUMX'nci Lime Factory, said the investment continues.
Demirel said that some of the ongoing investments will be completed by the middle of next year this year and that the company has invested in 2011 million TL in 140.5, and that they are planning to invest more than 400 million TL by the end of this year.
Noting that KARDEMİR has made most of these investments with its own engineering power, Demirel said, “KARDEMİR has built the New Sinter Factory that was put into operation last year. The ongoing New Continuous Casting Plants and New Coke Factory investment is also made with our own engineering power. This is a first in our country and KARDEMİR once again demonstrates how much it deserves the title of "factory making factories". "
Kardemir 2010 million 1 thousand tons in 160, 2011 million 1 thousand tons of 389 3 thousand tons of liquid steel production, which will be completed with the investments in liquid steel production capacity will increase to 400 thousand thousand tons / year 1995 million drew attention to the level. Demirel, ıla Considering that the production of KARDEMİR in 550 year is in the 600-XNUMX thousand tons level, the production increase and the importance of the capacity to be reached in KARDEMİR will be better understood. KARDEMİR continues to grow and develop in parallel with the growing and developing iron and steel industry. K
On the other hand, Demirel stated that they are waiting for approval from the government for the start of the Filyos Port Project, "Filyos Port is planned to have a capacity of 12 million tons."
XMUM last year 129 exports, million dollars worth of imports 267 million dollars imported imports Fadil Demirel, N Here the balance is a little bad. However, KARDEMİR has a very serious investment in recent years. For this, it should be taken into account that investment materials have a place in imports. In addition, the imported semi-finished products may not be seen here when they are manufactured and turned into products and exported to other companies. So I think this is not fair, O he said.
Fadıl Demirel noted that the company continues its corporate social responsibility projects uninterruptedly. Previously, a 500-person indoor sports hall and engineering faculty were given to Karabuk University. kazanStating that dıran KARDEMİR has also completed the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, where 6 thousand students will be educated, Demirel said that the iron and steel institute and research and development center, which is still under construction on the Karabük University campus, will be completed by the end of the year. Demirel said, "The center, where there will be 29 separate laboratories, will fill an important gap in the iron and steel industry of our country, and with this investment, many tests and analyzes that cannot be done in our country today will be made available in this institute." Demirel added that KARDEMİR is still the biggest supporter of Kardemir Karabükspor, one of the Super League teams.

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