Alerted Mentally Handicapped Police Entering High Speed ​​Train Line

In Konya, a 50-year-old person with a mental disability who entered the high-speed train line caused panic. The person, whose identity was not found and whose name was learned to be 'Celal', was removed using a portable ladder over 2 meter high iron railings with the help of firefighters. Immediately after the mentally retarded rescue, the high-speed train that made the Konya-Ankara flight passed through the line.
The incident occurred at 12.30:3 am on the Selcuklu District Railway Street. The police, who received the notice that a person was walking on the high-speed train line, took action. The police, who went to the scene, stopped the suspect near the vegetable trail, which was about 2 kilometers from the train station. Upon asking where she was going on the train route, the police, who showed the list in her hand and asked for 'Shopping', wanted to remove the mentally disabled person from the iron rails of XNUMX meters. The police, who were not successful, asked the firefighters for help.
Shortly after the incident, the firefighters from the train line, using the portable ladder removed from the train line mentally disabled. The disability of the rails was left after the warnings of the police not to enter again.

Source: News

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