All Istanbul will be metrobus

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is launching the taş Public Transport Way ım (Bus Line) application which will only be used by public transportation vehicles in order to relieve public transportation. The application 3, which is also referred to in many metropolises of the world, will begin on Monday in September. With the application, it is foreseen that the 17 will travel to public transportation every day. This will reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a new application that will relax the public transportation. The “Public Transport Way Y, which is being implemented in many developed countries of the world, in order to reduce the traffic density, 3 starts on Monday September. Citizens will save time in the mentioned routes. The application will be disseminated if adopted by citizens.
Olarak Public Transportation Road ”application, as the pilot region; Topkapı-Aksaray-Taksim, Kızıltoprak-Bostancı-Tuzla, Beşiktaş-Maslak, Yenikapı-Başakşehir, Millet Street-Topkapı-Aksaray, Şirinevler-Mahmutbey.
The application will be carried out during the traffic-intensive hours, and the strip will be available to other vehicles. Weekday morning 00.07-10.00, evening 16.00-20.00 will be applied between the hours.
Implementation hours and entry-exit arrangements were made; horizontal and vertical markings on the strips are completed. Mm Public Transport Road ”2 mm. The height of the moving physical barrier or with the appropriate paint where necessary.
The vehicles, which enter the road and park except for public transportation vehicles, will be supervised by EDS cameras and Security Traffic Inspection Branch teams.
Loading and unloading in the right lanes and parking will not be done within the specified hours.
At the beginning of the strip, the drivers will be warned with the information sheets and the drivers who do not comply with the rules will be determined by EDS and the penal sanctions will be applied.
Millet Avenue; Topkapı-Aksaray was allocated to IETT and Private Public Buses in both directions. Şirinevler-Mahmutbey road will be used only by IETT, Private Public Buses and Minibuses. In these lanes, taxis will be able to download and unload passengers only at stops.
With the bus lane application, the number of people using public transport is expected to increase. At the times stated in Istanbul, around 17 thousand people per day, instead of using the private vehicle, said he would choose to move publicly. Car owners choose to transport publicly, with the annual 650 thousand liters of fuel savings and carbon dioxide emission is estimated to be 1500 tons.

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