Rail Systems Management

Air transport is defined as a system which covers air, road, railway, waterway, pipelines and transportation planning and transportation tracking control systems as a whole. The transportation system, which plays such an intensive role in the economy, is one of the factors determining the price of a good and has a significant share in the cost. For these reasons, transportation (transportation) is among the main factors that determine the price in the economy. The sooner and less cost of transportation, the lower the cost of products and services, and the chance to compete internationally. Efforts are underway to close the gap that has been given to the railway mobilization that started with the first years of the Republic and to ensure that the railways get the place they deserve again. As a result of these initiatives, which have turned into a new railway mobilization, the railway construction, which has fallen from 134 km to 18 km per year, has reached an average of 135 km per year.
Turkey's 2023 years 500 billion export target as shown in the figure is reached, and the way the establishment of the cost can be competitive with the world, will be with the appropriateness of the transportation costs. This will only be possible by rail transport with the capacity to carry large quantities of goods.
On the other hand, in the context of the practices in urban logistics; Istanbul is one of the most populous cities in the world. The main railway system lines and integrated sub-systems, lower capacity subways, light subways, trams, monorail-airways, funicular and other simple systems are on the agenda of the related institutions.
Graduates of the Sistem Rail Systems Management ”program, which was established in order to train qualified labor force to be employed in all public and private sectors performing railway operations, in the logistics and transportation institutions of public and private companies, in the relevant institutions of the major cities, public and private will be able to find employment opportunities easily in railway operations departments of logistics and railway transportation sector.
Departments that can pass without examination
Traction (Railway), General Services (Railway), Operation, Management (Railway), Rail Systems Technology, Rail Systems Technology (Rail Systems Electrical-Electronics), Rail Systems Technology (Rail Systems Construction), Rail Systems Technology (Rail Systems Business) , Rail Systems Technology (Rail Systems Machinery), Facilities (Railway), Road (Railway)
Undergraduate Transfer Programs
Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Transportation and Logistics, International Logistics, International Logistics and Transportation

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