Metrobus flights stopped!

An accident occurred when a vehicle entered the metrobus road in Merter. Metrobus services cannot be made to both directions
According to information obtained from the accident time 16.15 line occurred at the stop Merter Metrobus. The automobile of the automobile, whose name cannot be learned, is lost due to the loss of steering. Due to the accident Metrobus flights could not be done in either direction. Thousands of people started to walk away from the metrobus. Metrobus passengers to close bus and metro stops.
Passengers began to walk down the metrobus
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Police teams who came to the scene pulled the car off the metrobus road with the help of a tow truck. Meanwhile, some passengers walking on the metrobus road waited for the commencement of the metrobuses. With the removal of the car, metrobus services returned to normal. On the other hand, the driver of the car, who was reported to be slightly injured in the accident, was also taken to Bakırköy State Hospital and treated.

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