The Price Has Been Determined Before Alanya Cable Car Is Built

Alanya cable car project is a very old issue
Alanya cable car project is a very old issue

📩 26/02/2023 17:34

ALANYA City Council, yesterday, the hour was chaired by the Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu. AK Party Adil Okur, Kadriye Görücü and Rabia Cihan Aydoğan, MHP member İbrahim Görüş and Independent Council Member Tevfik Darı did not participate in the meeting with the excuse. At the meeting, firstly, the items referred from the Budget Committee were negotiated.

Directorate of Real Estate and Expropriation, Damlatas Beach, Alanya Castle Ehmedek entrance between the cost of the cable car and the walking band to be owned by the operating company until the 25 year to tender and to determine the conditions of the bidding of the members of the Council on the issue was submitted to the game. .

Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu, who gave information about the project, said, ele When the cable car project is completed, the boarding fee is expected to be 9 TL. Approximate construction cost will be 16 million 987 thousand 789 TL. Will serve a total of 300 days in one year. We estimate that one year 400 will be used by a thousand people. 20 discount will be applied to students and groups more than 50. When the project is completed, we will prevent the big tour buses from going to Alanya Castle Proje.

Serhat Kayis, who spoke after Sipahioglu, said that this price application would not be available for the tour buses and the tours could be canceled. he said. After the speeches, how to get the Teleferic Project to the tender was also discussed. Accordingly, the company that will be operating the Teleferic Project will run at least 20 years and will complete the project within one year from the date of receiving the tender. 20 discount will be applied to students and groups more than 50. 4 small bus will be purchased for customers who are afraid to ride the cable car and want to go to Kale.

Gazi and martyr families and disabled citizens will be able to get on the cable car free of charge. It was unanimously accepted that the Council would authorize the Council to prepare and tender the Tender Charter Project Tender Specifications which will be tendered in the coming months. On the other hand, even if the tender specifications are not prepared yet, the tariff of the Teleferik Project, which will come into force after the completion of the project, was discussed and discussed in parliament by some members of parliament. CHP Serdar Noyan, "We are reaping the price, but the contract will accept the company will accept these conditions?" Ask the Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu Noyan'a responding, "We will remove the tender in these conditions. The company entering the tender will accept the terms of the tender. İ

Subsequent to the Teleferic Project, negotiations from the Budget Commission continued. It was decided that this article will be discussed at the next parliamentary session on the grounds that the new regulation on the excursion boats prepared by the Alanya Municipality Opening License Unit was not given detailed information to the members of the council. On the other hand, the "15 minutes are free of charge" in the İskele Quay Car Park, which was operated by Alanyaspor, was removed and replaced with the application of '1 TL from İskele Quay' application. Speaking about this article, MHP's Cemal Palamutçu said, al People are forced to use that road. If you want to help in Alanyaspor so much, I think it would be more accurate to give one of the public bus lines to the new tender to Alanyaspor. Eğer Palamutçu, therefore, will have more income than Alanyaspor, Bank Asya League, if the Prime Minister Erdogan's promise of fulfilling the promise of the province of Alanya can do.

President Sipahioğlu gave an interesting answer to the words of Mr. Palamutçu. Suç Then we are committed to the procurement of a crime in the tender, we have to book ourselves to Mahmutlar,, he said. AK Party Group Chairman Mustafa Berberoğlu, who has a restaurant in the region, said, ber Alanyaspor is very important for our city. But we can not have the authority to get 1 TL from every passing car from Iskele. If a vehicle driver accidentally travels this road and does not want to pay money, it may have legal drawbacks in the future. In addition, businesses in the region can not be involved in the prevention of commercial transportation, Ayrıca he said. Hasan Sipahioğlu, responding to Berberoğlu, said, işi If we wish, we can ban traffic from front of Kuyularönü Mosque and enter the Iskele, tour buses and commercial taxis according to the Transportation Plan. There are many examples of this in the world, Bun he said.

CHP Serdar Noyan said: “Citizen's right to free transportation cannot be prevented. I don't think you have such authority. What is the transportation plan you often emphasize, no matter if you show it, we will see it. Şu In the voting, it was rejected by the majority of all the members except for Hasan Sipahioğlu.

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