Halkapinar Municipality prepares cable car project for Ivriz Region

Halkapinar Municipality is preparing a ropeway project for Ivriz Region: Ivriz Region of Halkapinar attracts many local and foreign tourists. There is not a place to park in the area on some weekends. The municipality is preparing a ropeway project for an easy and comprehensive trip. New projects are expected to expand the tourism potential of the region

Konya, the 2 hour away from the Hittite era Ivriz Rock Relief with many domestic and foreign tourists attracted Halkapınar, tourism wants to increase the potential. In this context, Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in the region and Halkapınar Municipality is preparing a Ropeway Project. The project aims to make it easier and more comprehensive for tourists. Particularly during the weekends there is an intense visitor traffic and some 2 vehicles are entering the region on weekends.


Halkapınar mayor Fahri Vardar, who made statements to Yeni Meram about his projects, now thinks that important works should be done about tourism in their districts. In this context, the President Vardar explained that accelerate projects, "İvriz our neighborhood, is known throughout Turkey. There are so many visitors to this neighborhood. The number of foreign visitors is quite high. Rock reliefs from the Hittites are of great interest. Now this region has become a touristic place. The girls 'palace, the boys' palace, and the natural cave are located in a high area. Touristic activities are carried out in this region. There are several kilometers distance between the reliefs and the high area. In this context, we had researches in Bursa and Ordu. We're preparing our ropeway project. In the near future, our project will become clear em.


Fahri Vardar also stated that some of the townships had heavy visitor traffic on weekends. UM As a result of our research, we have seen that the 5 high-speed ropeway area has a budget of up to 9 million TL. However, due to the low mileage of our area, we think that the cable car can be added to the estimated 4 or 5 million TL. Our region is like an open air museum. We continue to work on behalf of tourism with MPs and Metropolitan Municipality. We hope that tourists will be able to make an easier and more comprehensive trip with the cable car. The ropeway is important for further revitalization of the region's tourism. On the weekends there is almost no space left in the area to park. It's experiencing a lot of intensity. Some weekends, about 2 thousand vehicles are entering. Since we have important and valuable resources; Let's support them with beautiful projects. Our visitors are also satisfied. We are determined to bring a cable car to our region. Bölge



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