Good news about irrigation and rail system from Samsun Deputy Cemal Yılmaz Demir

AK Party Samsun deputy Cemal Yilmaz Demir came to a series of investigations on Wednesday. Demir, from the ring road to Samsun,
irrigation operation, rail system, oil and thermal resources, everything in the important explanations
AK Party Samsun deputy Cemal Yilmaz Demir, came to review the Wednesday as the first visited Dikbıyık Municipality. Demir has been a perfect city hall. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to Samsun, gave brief information about the work to be done in Samsun.
Samsun, who expressed great progress was recorded Demir, ye a new ring road between Samsun-Unye construction began in Ankara-Delice region. I am guessing that the construction will be completed in this region within two years. In this way, the rail system will become an unavoidable investment. The rail system will begin after the ring road is completed and 5 is the year to complete the ring road and the 2023 to the target in the rail system.
The Chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture in Wednesday Güngör'ın Wednesday 's urgent irrigation channels should be provided that the farmers are in a very difficult situation by asking the deputy Demir asked. Demir, üme District District Governor, District President, President of the Chamber of Agriculture, and with the needy and with the needy before the issue should be resolved by talking to the Samsun DSI Directorate. Let's start working on this issue as soon as possible. En
District Governor Governor Caner Stars, although the weekend visit in the District Governorate, with the district governor of the hot springs of oil and thermal resources in the district called the water we started. I believe that progress will be made as soon as possible and the result will be efficient and beautiful and Wednesday will be the main region of the Black Sea region. We continue our work in this direction. Güzel said Demir Kaymakam Yıldız, who is working in the field, is in excellent work and thanks to the start of his office, renovating the government house and other works, he has contributed to Çarşambaya very nice projects. Kaymakam Stars in the visit, guests served the prefect tea. Deputy Demir, Kaymakam tea is really nice, he said expressed satisfaction.
Deputy Demir recently visited the shopping center under the name of the newly opened Discount Market and after leaving the district to the owners of good luck. Visits, as well as the Provincial Director of the AK Party Wednesday District Chairman Mehmet Kose and managers, Mayor Kemal Ozdemir Agcaguney, Dikbıyık Mayor Kemal Ayan and many party members attended.



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