Suburban flights between Gebze and Pendik will be stopped from April

Within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train works carried out by Gebze-İzmit-Köseköy, TCDD was partially stopped by 1 as of January and 1 was completely shut down from February until the end of 2013. While the works continued uninterrupted, it was learned that suburban flights would be stopped after mainline flights.
According to information from Haydarpasa Train Station officials, 29 suburban flights between Gebze and Pendik will be stopped as of April Sunday. For these routes, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality UKOME Department, from Cengiz Topel Airport İçmeleruntil the bus had put up.
Suburban flights between Gebze and Pendik will be halted by 29 as of April. The train services will continue between Pendik and Haydarpaşa. According to the information received from IETT, a new line will be stopped between Pendik and Gebze districts.
It was learned that the name of the line became definite, details of the line, boarding hours and fare tariffs will be announced on the web site of IETT General Directorate in the coming days. The name of the line that is planned to be created is considered as 17 / B. It was learned that the first departures of this line in Gebze and Pendik were considered as 5.30 with 06.00 in the morning and the last departures were planned as 20.00. Line information will be finalized in the last few days. The departure times of the bus line will be announced on the IETT General Directorate's website in the coming days.
Şaban Ebik, President of Gebze Minibus Carists Chamber, announced the measures taken within the scope of Harem-Gebze lines. There are a total of 376 minibuses that carry passenger transportation between Harem and Gebze by taking two minutes apart. These vans 'yacht' he called the rest of the rest of the 50 vehicle resting President of the expression, X 376 50 vehicle towed to the bed. 326 minibus works during the day. As Gebze Minibusmen Chamber of Commerce, we intend to operate our 50 vehicle, which is drawn to the yacht according to the density and demand for the commuter flights to be stopped, and to reduce the 2 to 1 per minute.

Source: Marmara Newspaper

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