3. Bridge Tender kazanthe boss has spoken

The 3rd bridge project on the Bosphorus, outperforming its closest competitor by 4 years and 7 months. kazanIn the offer of İbrahim Çeçen Holding, 'Is the given time short?' discussions began. So what does Chechen Holding say to the allegations?
The young brain of the partnership, which was awarded the tender for the 3rd bridge project to the Bosphorus, spoke: We are experienced, we will show the engineering difference…
Turkey's most talked yesterday the subject, taken by the Ictas-Astaldi partnership was 3 Istanbul Strait bridge project.
Fırat Çeçen, the young brain of the Chechen Group, spoke when discussing whether the partnership, which took the tender by making a difference to its closest competitor for 4 years and 7 months, could do this job: We are experienced, we will show the engineering difference… ”
Fırat Çeçen's statements were included in the article titled 'Engineering, not madness' by İsmail Küçükkaya, Editor-in-Chief of Aksam Newspaper.
“I spoke to Fırat Çeçen, one of the key figures of the project and tender, yesterday. He smiled and said that he wanted to explain the difference to those who said 'Can't' in one word: 'Engineering'
How so? I said, I asked what kind of engineering difference he was talking about. Here is the striking assessment of the 'young brain' of the Chechen Group:
'We did our account well. The numbers are in the middle. We will show the engineering difference. We worked hard on financing. We are carrying out a similar project of 3 billion Euros in Russia with the same partner (Astaldi). We have an experience from here. We work with the architect who builds the biggest bridges in the world.
They did more than a hundred similar projects in the world. We reflected the average of the solutions we found for investment, finance, engineering and business to our offer. '
'We put our name we will succeed
Whether the proposal of the project and Chechens is feasible is highly debated in the business world. I asked this to Fırat Çeçen. He replied:
'How not feasible. Why should we make this offer? We put our name on this. We write our name. Not only for today but also for the future… Prestige and reputation project. We will not have any difficulties in financing. With the permission of Allah, we will finish the bridge in three years. It will be a study that will enter the literature. We are comfortable, we are very comfortable. We are aware of what we are doing. Are they kidding? If the approval process is over, we will give the public much more detailed information. '
Meanwhile, in the article, opinions of Mehmet Nazif Günal, the boss of another firm MNG competing in the tender, were also included:
“Chechen Group has done an amazing job. I also disagree with criticisms about the time. If I had not been eliminated for technical reasons and my envelope had been opened, my offer would have been accepted ... The offer was 62 days less, so 10 years and 18 days.

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