Tube passage from Etiler to the beach

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş announced the projects related to Istanbul in the 'Teketek' program broadcast on the Habertürk Channel.

According to the information provided by Topbaş, the investments to be made in Istanbul and the status of the ongoing projects ..

- Feasibility studies are continuing for the location of the district of 800 thousand inhabitants to be built in the north of Istanbul. However, instead of 800, a district with a population of 600 thousand will take place. The prime minister does not want a tall building here. Half of the buildings to be built will be used for urban transformation. In other words, earthquake-resistant buildings will be demolished and their owners will be given apartments. The 600 thousand new district will be built in the region with coal mines in Kemerburgaz.

- A new airport with an annual capacity of 150 million passengers to Istanbul will be built in the same region. However, it will not be made by filling the sea with certainty. This airport will be close to the new district. The connection road of the 3rd bridge will pass south of this new district. It will also have a subway attached to the center.

- An airport with an annual capacity of 60 million will also be built on the Anatolian side. However, this airport will not be close to the sea.

- There will be a metro from Üsküdar to Ümraniye. This subway will be completed and put into service within 38 months.

- Work is underway to bring traffic underground in Taksim. Taksim will be fully opened to pedestrian traffic.

- The metro line will extend to Etiler. Thus, the traffic on Nispetiye street will be reduced. From Etiler to the Bosphorus, a connection will be established over the ground in the form of a tube tunnel.

- Kadir Topbaş announced that an investment of 8 billion liras was made in the 49 years he was in office.

- Dirty water is no longer flowing in Ayamama Creek. 400 thousand cubic meters of water is cleaned daily in the newly built facility in Ataköy.

- Studies are continuing for Kanal Istanbul. The Prime Minister himself follows.

- Avcılar delayed the metrobus works between Beylikdüzü. However, this line will be put into service within 6 months.

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