President Erdoğan's Instruction to Start the Channel Istanbul Project Now

Channel Istanbul
Channel Istanbul

Let the question of what happened to the Kanal Istanbul project come to me now! President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last minute orders Kızılcıhamam'da. They say you can't do the Channel Istanbul project, this work has gone too long. Channel İstanbul project has been instructed to start immediately.

CHP persists Kanat Istanbul begins

For Channel Istanbul, which was delayed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan due to the latest dam talks, “I don't understand, if we do, we will. Complete the Channel Istanbul project right away ”. The official announcement of Kanal Istanbul, which will be started as the first job, is now counting the days. Ekrem İmamoğlu will come together for Channel İstanbul, which he declared will support.

We brought the dam! We have the solution

Terkos Lake and Sazlıdere dam, which came out of the CHP backstage, remain dehydrated. Reminding that they do not come dams Erdogan, "Channel Istanbul 2020 will not stay," he hit the table lumped. In particular, it was learned that the staffs, who were very confident in this project, counted for official announcement.

Promotional brochures are ready for Kanal Istanbul

CHP called Dream Istanbul for the project "Your dreams are our reality", "If the AK Party does", "They talk, the AK Party makes" special brochures began to be published in Ankara. Erdogan's insistence that the CHP is known to be the promise of dreams.

Tender companies ready

After these instructions, Erdogan completed the preparations for the companies that will enter the tender for Mega Project. After the busy agenda, the Channel Istanbul project will be implemented, albeit with a little delay.

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