Sculpture Garage Tram Project Approval Received

Bursa T1 Map
Bursa T1 Map

📩 26/10/2020 01:00

The projects prepared on the sculpture-Garaj tram line, which is the first long line of the city center tram lines, which constitute the second leg of the goal of the Metropolitan Municipality to "weave Bursa with iron nets", were sent to the General Directorate of DLH for approval. The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to tender in April after the approval, aims to complete the construction in early 2013.

Following the opening of Bursaray Görükle and Emek lines to transportation, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the Kestel Line, which is the main route, and has made a significant distance in urban tram line projects. The completed project of the T6 line of approximately 1 kilometers, which will reach Santral Garaj again from Santral Garage, Darmstadt Street, Stadium Street, Altıparmak Street, Atatürk Street, İnönü Street and Uluyol Street, was sent to the General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports Construction for approval. . Having completed the necessary infrastructure preparations in order not to waste time, the Metropolitan Municipality will start the tender and start the construction immediately after the approval is received in April.

Comfort comes to the center

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that they have completed the project process that they have carried out meticulously and that they are only waiting for DLH's approval to start work. Stating that they wanted to make the tender in April and complete the works by the end of the year, President Altepe said, “We want to start the construction from the İnönunu Street part of Ulu Street and complete the line quickly. According to our planning, 13 vehicles will operate on the line with 12 stops. With our modern vehicles with a total capacity of 280 people, the traffic load in the center will be significantly reduced. Approximately 100 taxi passengers will be transported on 1 tram. Thus, the city center will be free from vehicle density, noise and exhaust gas pollution. The façade arrangement works that we have implemented in Atatürk Street will be carried out on all streets on the route. Thus, the city center will have a more contemporary appearance both in terms of transportation and visually ”.

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