Natural Gas and Railway Will Raise Diyarbakır OSB

📩 24/11/2018 14:32

Businessman Abdülkadir Karavil, who has investments in the Diyarbakır Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), said that they consider resolving the problem related to natural gas and connecting the railway line as a very important step. Karavil said, “Natural gas will reduce monthly expenses by 30 percent. Transportation problem will be solved by the railway line. With the completion of the ongoing ring roads, Diyarbakır will become an industrial city, ”he said.

The steps taken to solve the problems related to the natural gas and railway lines in the organized industrial zone on the Diyarbakır-Elazığ road, which caused investors to revolt and brought new investors to the point of rejection, made the owners of the factory laugh. Development Minister Cevdet Yılmaz, Transport Minister Binali Yildirim, Minister of Energy Taner Yildiz, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mehdi Eker and Governor Mustafa Toprak are expected to complete the works by the end of 2012 after taking official steps to resolve two issues. Abdulkadir Karavil, an investor in the organized industrial zone, said that the natural gas and railway line would increase its competitiveness in the industry.

Karavil said, “The development of industry is essential for the development of a province. For me, industry comes before agriculture. There is no growth with agriculture, but the economic and employment power of a city and industry are doubled. The organized industrial zone has many shortcomings, but natural gas and railroad were the most important shortcomings. Resolving them will reduce the costs of existing investors, increase competitiveness and encourage new investors. Now we expect the ring roads to be completed. The ring road that will connect the Ergani road to the Urfa road is almost finished. The tender for the road connecting the Urfa road to Mardin was made. Railway is also being built. Another important shortcoming is the waste facility. If this is done, Diyarbakır will attack the industrial move. ”

Pointing out that natural gas will save the investor from 30 percent of expenses, Karavil said, “There is a monthly 250 thousand TL fuel expense. Thanks to natural gas, there will be an average of 90-100 thousand reductions. The investor's interest started to increase here. For example, Boydak Group is establishing a factory here. It will produce furniture. In the first place, 500 and then 1000 people will be employed. In this way, the supplier industry will also develop. We are very hopeful for the future of Osb. A culture of solidarity, which was felt to be lacking among investors, also began to form.

We export to neighboring countries Georgia-Iraq-Iran and Azerbaijan. We have a very important disadvantage. Although Diyarbakır is apparently less than the neighboring countries and cities, it is extended because there are no transit routes. For example, since the roads for 2 hours are not good, it increases to 6 hours. Then exports are blocked. This has to be fixed. Intercity roads should be built, the highway should come, the railway should be attacked. If these are done, Diyarbakır is already lucky geographically. Because it is the center of the geography in which it is located. Diyarbakır has the potential to become a brand in plaster, food and packaging. Diyarbakır becomes a center of attraction with a few moves. ”

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