There will be no neighborhood in Eskişehir where the tram does not pass

Tramway access is available on Eskişehir's agenda. While the Metropolitan Municipality has officially started the construction of new lines, the AKP has received intense criticism of the tram project.
While the construction of the tender was completed for the project which would enable the existing tram lines to reach three different points of the city, it was the long-awaited development of the city by the transition to physical studies. Eskişehir who want to respond to the expectation of the tram of the municipality to extend the tram in three different regions began to work in a new project learned.


It was learned that the construction of the new lines, which Eskişehir people were looking forward to, would be completed in two years. Together with the construction of new lines, tram passes will be provided from the districts along the Çankaya and Emek Neighborhoods. The other line of the Çamlıca line will pass through some of the neighborhoods in the tram, will be extended in the third arm will go to the Yenikent region. The tram will also serve Eskişehir people through this neighborhood. With the new three lines, the tram will pass through the 22 neighborhood.
On the other hand, the Metropolitan Municipality wants to serve more citizens, and in addition to new lines, it has been reported that it works in new routes. The current lines, which will be extended with the development confirmed by President Büyükerşen, will be carried to even more remote areas. 71 If the draft, which will enable the tram to go to the houses, Vadişehir and University Houses, will become a project and come to life, the neighborhood that does not cross tram in Eskişehir will almost remain.
On the other hand, the municipality's work for rail transport continues in this direction, while the ruling party AKP continues to criticize the rail system.
MP Salih Koca in his speech at the meeting held in the party hardly criticized the current system.
Salih Koca, who reminded that the lines to be extended are provided to the neighborhood by themselves, told that the system will paralyze the city's 5 annual life in the present state.


Deputy Salih Koca stated that the tram system will turn the city's traffic upside down along with the new lines. Koca said: “The light rail system project, which is vital for Eskişehir, has caused traffic to turn into chaos. With these new lines built, it will turn into more chaos. For example, a tram will pass every two minutes in front of Yunusemre Avenue Atatürk High School. Then there will be neither land nor pedestrian traffic. A similar incident will take place at the intersection of Atatürk Avenue Atatürk Boulevard, where there is a traffic light of about 10 m. Let's imagine news about the tram in the future of Eskişehir. Newspaper headlines not 5 years later; 'The city center shopkeepers rebelled because of the traffic ordeal', 'The ambulance could not reach the patient because of the traffic density!', 'The pregnant woman gave birth in the ambulance that could not reach the hospital!' 'The fire brigade could not intervene in the fire due to traffic!' Of course, it is quite possible to increase these examples! ”


Claiming that the project for the extension of the tram is full of mistakes, and continuing his words, Deputy Salih Koca said that changes should be made in the project before it is late. Husband; “Before it is too late, at least, the project should be revised for new places. Especially, the intersection points of highway, pedestrian and light rail systems should be revised. There may be underpasses and overpasses to work on different alternatives. While the tram will be a medicine for the life of this city, do not be a dagger stuck in the bosom of the city. These projects should not appear before new lines, but as new mistakes. ”

NGOs must move

Calling non-governmental organizations on the subject, Salih Koca continued his words as follows; “We are not looking for the cause of the troubles experienced. We think about our children, our future, our fellow citizens briefly in Eskişehir. We fulfill our historic responsibility as a simple citizen, not as an engineer or a deputy. Here, we announce that we will present the headlines to be thrown tomorrow.
For this reason, the Chamber of Civil Engineers, who expresses opinions on such matters, should also explain this issue. Likewise, I find it useful for our Chamber of Architects, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Eskişehir Civil Society Organizations to express their opinions. We have two big universities and it is important for our Eskişehir to consult with them. ”


At the end of his speech, deputy Salih Koca, who spoke under the intense affection of the parties who filled the hall for the meeting held by the Odunpazarı District Advisory Council, emphasized the importance of unity and solidarity at the end of his speech. Koca, who explained that vicious quarrels should be abolished, completed his words as follows; “I think it is necessary to carry out a project by thinking of the future of this city, not by leaving vicious discussions but by our own future. It is sufficient to examine the actions of the AK Party. Despite the public, none of our projects were made with understanding. For this reason, each of our projects won the appreciation of every segment. It benefited everyone. Our understanding is the understanding of Yunus. Let us make the hearts of Eskişehir and Eskişehir people that we are in love with, let's find a place in their homes. This is enough for us. ”

Source: Sedat Aydoğan

Istikbal Newspaper

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