The Turkish company is building a high-speed train between Mecca and Medina!

A Turkish company is building the Medina station of the high-speed train project, which will travel between Mecca and Medina at 2,5 per hour

Yapı Merkezi, which started the 415 million dollar project in November last year, plans to complete the Medina station 2 annually.

Jehovah's Consul General Salih Mutlu Şen visited the project recently and inspected the works on site, and was informed by Project Manager Mehmet Başer, Project Director Şinasi Ayas, Deputy Project Manager Kasım Eryürük and Field Chief Ahmet Hançer.

In the later stages of the project, 60 of which are Turkish engineers, 350 people will be employed, and a total of 1.700 people will be employed, of which approximately 900 will be Turkish workers.

It was stated that the railway stations were designed as multi-purpose monuments both architecturally and functionally.

The Saudi government plans to ease the transportation between the sacred places of 10 million Muslims who came for the pilgrimage and umrah with the project.

Source: AA

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