High-speed train from Bozdag to Yozgat

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ said, "60 percent of the ongoing high-speed train construction in Yozgat is finished".

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ stated that 60 percent of the ongoing high-speed train construction in Yozgat is already completed and said, "These steps will make a great contribution to Yozgat's economy, tourism and connection to the world."

Bozdag, Esenler Yozgatlılar Solidarity Association, 5. Speaking at a night organized by the Center for Culture in Esenler in the speech of the Arabaşı, Yozgat'le brought full of love and respect for Istanbul, Yozgat'le Yozgatlılar hearts living outside the heart of Yozgat'la said.

Expressing his pride when he sees a person from Yozgat who is successful in academia, politics or business life in a different part of Turkey, Bozdağ said, “We have a song of unity, a song of brotherhood, an understanding of sharing pain and love. I would like to thank all my brothers from Yozgat for what they have done for our country and Yozgat in the charity race. We are from Yozgat kazanWe tried to serve our country with what we did. No matter how much we work for Yozgat and Turkey, it's not enough," he said.

Bozdag noted that Yozgat changed and evolved and continued his speech as follows:

“Yozgat supported our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and our party in every election. In the last election, a political cadre in Yozgat, in which 3 out of 2 people said "yes" to the AK Party, has been serving since 2002. Yozgat, change lives with Turkey. When our Prime Minister said "15 thousand kilometers" they did not believe. We started and today 15 thousand kilometers of divided road is finished. Yozgat is connected to Ankara, Sivas and Kayseri by divided roads. In short, the interior of Yozgat will be paved next summer. "

- hızlı Yozgat's change step was taken by high speed train - -

Emphasizing that Yozgat's change step was taken with high speed train, Bozdağ noted that the foundation of high speed train was laid in Yozgat on 13 March 2009 after Eskişehir.

Stating that the construction of the high-speed train is continuing in Yozgat, Bozdağ said, “The high-speed train tender between Ankara and Yerköy could not be made. In the coming days, the tender will be finished. As of 2015, if he wants to go from Yozgat to Ankara by high-speed train before June, and from Esenler to Yozgat since it will end in Istanbul until then, he will have the opportunity to travel more safely, quickly and cheaply. This is a huge investment of billions of dollars. The second pickaxe was shot from Yozgat. Now the mountains are being drilled and tunnels are being opened. 60 percent of the ongoing high-speed train construction in Yozgat is completed. These steps will make a great contribution to Yozgat's economy, tourism and connection to the world. "I am not saying it to be pretentious, but perhaps the biggest investment Yozgat has received throughout the history of the Republic is a high-speed train project."

Bozdag University in the field of education by developing all the faculties of the voicing voicing Bozdag, said:

“There was a structure that prevented the establishment of universities at the time. Mr. Prime Minister said, 'We will establish a university in every city' and we took action. Today, we have established state universities in 81 provinces of Turkey. Yozgat started to change again with the university. We established communication, agriculture, veterinary faculties and higher schools in our districts. Yozgat was made strong in the field of education. We built dormitories to accommodate students. This year, a thousand-person higher education dormitory in Yozgat kazanwe will go. In this way, our students coming from abroad will have the opportunity to learn better. We have also made strides in secondary education. We opened Anatolian high schools in Yozgat, including our newly established districts. We kept our promise. We have also made breakthroughs in the field of health in Yozgat. We started the hospital work, which includes a companion room and patient examination rooms equipped with high technology. After 2 years, the hospitals in Yozgat will compete with the hospitals in the world. In addition, as the AK Party, we have taken steps in the field of justice. We renovated the palaces of justice in Yozgat and its districts. We equipped it with Ottoman architecture and made it decent.”

Bozdağ was given a plaque by Süleyman Erdem, the President of the Yozgat People Solidarity Association.

Meanwhile, the jug kebab was served to Bozdağ overnight. Bozdağ broke the jug with a hammer.

Yozgat dinners were served to the participants during the night which was given by local artists.

Source: AA

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