The cable car is being discussed in Kızılay-Dikmen transportation

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Gökçek Kızılay-Dikmen argues that the only solution for the ropeway is the cable car, City Planners' Chamber Ankara Branch President Orhan Sarıaltun describes the ropeway project as men informal and unreal. Ankara

Melih Gökçek, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the "Red Crescent Or-an Line Cable Car" project at the City Council meeting. Gökçek, in his presentation titled “Cable car and urban public transportation applications in the world”, is known as a transportation vehicle used only in mountainous regions, for touristic facilities and ski resorts, but has been increasingly used as a public transportation vehicle in recent years. told.

Ne There are hundreds of examples in the world “

Gökçek said that the cable car is used to relieve transportation in important cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Koblenz (Germany), Bolzano (Italy), New York (USA), Portland, Oregon (USA), Caracas (Venezuela), Rio de Janerio (Brazil). . Melih Gökçek said, “If you try to carry 10 thousand passengers per hour and 5 thousand passengers with a one-way carriage by cable car, it is equivalent to 100 buses. In the same way, 2 thousand automobile trips meet only 5 one-way ropeways. ” said.
Pointing out that there is a dense population in Dikmen, Gökçek said:
We believe that we will solve the problem by moving this population to Red Crescent from the air. When Dikmen Valley is completed, a population of approximately 100 thousand will emerge with its immediate surroundings. Dikmen Avenue, which is used as an arrival and departure on one side, and Hoşdere Avenue, which is also used as an arrival and departure on the other, will definitely not be able to bear this burden. You have to find a solution. Since there is no chance to open a third road and it is not possible to physically pass the metro through Dikmen Valley, the only solution that can serve both sides of the valley seems to be the cable car. ”
Gökçek gave the answer "before the election" to the question about when the cable car can be built.

“Not for public transport purposes taşıma

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Construction Services Mechanical Engineer Faik Dikmen, as well as in the city center in the cable car can be used in rural areas, the ropeway was previously used only for tourism purposes, but nowadays in the city's uneven areas can be used for transportation, he said. The cable car project also involved the planting, "we can see an example of public transportation in the Black Sea in Turkey. Apart from that, Ankara is used for tourism purposes in Uludağ, Bursa or Haliç. But we are thinking about public transportation rather than tourism. Fakat

Faik Dikmen explained that the project covers the Kizilay Or-an line, but it is not far from the city center. Dikmen im The first reason we chose Or-an is because of the slope. You can't take rail transport to some places. For example, transportation to a high place such as Ankara Castle is only by the cable car. Because when you take it from the underground and the distance between the distance and the elevation is too much, 100 meters below the ground if you make a subway you can not download anybody. Dikmen, Dikmen Valley project will increase the need for transportation here and the cable car with the desire to relieve here, he said.


”The most environmentally friendly public transport“

Faik Dikmen also commented on security ere The ropeway is safe. There is no possibility of the wire breaking. There are already developed security systems. Zaten
Dikmen pointed out that the cable car is more environmentally friendly and consumes less energy than other public transportation vehicles, and the cost is very low. Faik Dikmen, the tender has not yet been concluded, but the latest 1 will be operational within the year, he said.

”Unreal and informal“

Orhan Sarıaltun, the Head of the City Planners Ankara Branch, said that the cable car project is a transportation project of Melih Gökçek, which also has no scientific basis. Defending that the transportation problem in the city cannot be solved with this method, Sarıaltun said:

“I have neither heard nor seen such a thing. It is not possible to see such an example in the metropolitan center. This was not a ski lift, but a cable car to be a means of transportation. The problems of the city are not solved like this. He said that he could not see something abroad and say 'Let's do this in Ankara' ”. President Orhan Sarıaltun said that every penny to spend on such a ropeway will be wrong and wrong, while rail public transportation systems should be preferred at the most vibrant point of the city. Saying that they will be followers of the event, Sarıaltun said, "This project is unrealistic and unrealistic."

Build-operate model

Dikmen Valley Cable Car System is planned to be 10 stops in total, including the start and end stations. The cable car is thought to be 9 kilometers long and the starting point is Güvenpark and the end point is planned as Panora AVM. It is estimated that there will be a total of 24 minutes of travel from Güvenpark, where the minibuses depart, and a total of 40 minutes when stops are added. The total cost of the project, in which the build-operate model is considered, is expected to reach 30-40 million dollars.

Source: ANKARA

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