Adnan Ekinci: "Level crossings are not the responsibility of TCDD"

Adnan Ekinci, Consultant of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that it is not the responsibility of TCDD to take safety measures and regulations at level crossings, and that the accidents at level crossings stick to TCDD like a malignant tumor.
Speaking at the opening of the "International Level Crossings Improvement" workshop held at the Double Tree Hotel in Moda under the leadership of TCDD, Ekinci said that the High Planning Council; “In the intersections of the railroad with highway, country road and similar roads, the railroad is considered the main road. The institution or organization to which the new road built at these intersections is connected is obliged to make underpasses and overpasses and to take other safety measures ”.
Ekinci said, “Regulations and taking safety measures at level crossings are not the responsibility of TCDD. "Accidents at level crossings stuck to TCDD like a malignant tumor."
Reminding that TCDD has attempted to make arrangements on level crossings by the institutions and organizations to which the highway belongs, Ekinci said that the accidents have decreased with the works carried out as a result of these initiatives.
Ekinci also stated that the aim of the workshop was to minimize the accidents at the level crossings.
Isabella Fonverno, the representative of the International Railways Association (UIC), stated that they started an international campaign on the security of level crossings in Europe with the slogan of "Be safe at level crossings" and that they carried out activities that especially inform the public within the framework of the campaign.
Alain Davies, who studies the safety of railways in London, stated that the arrangements at level crossings are not the responsibility of the railways, but in the public opinion, accidents at level crossings are always attributed to the railways.
The workshop, attended by representatives of Highways and Turkish National Police, will end tomorrow.


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